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You can pick up some secret production tips from many of your favourite artists by listening to these episodes, and discover new artists and learn how they approach their music making. Enjoy!

BassGorilla Podcast 022 – Mr Bill Interview

Recently I had the pleasure of sitting down with one of Australia’s most wanted, Mr. Bill for this exclusive Mr Bill interview on music production tips, DJing and a lot more. In case you’ve never heard of Mr. Bill, he is a prolific producer who is renowned for his glitchy chops and attention to detail […]

Podcast 021 – Sound Design Tips – Evoke Interview

Get ready to learn some next-level sound design tips in this production interview with Evoke, who is a highly talented and highly skilled producer making some big waves in bass music this year. His skills grabbed the attention of Kursa, who does A&R for Caliber Music, and as a result he was quickly sought after […]

Neuro Bass Sound Design – Frequent Interview (Free Video & DL)

One producer who has been making more than just a splash in the scene this summer is Frequent, AKA Nolan Petruska from Colorado. If you want to find out more about neuro bass sound design, this interview is for you. He is a total master with Ableton Operator and subscribers can see two tutorials he […]


How To Remix Tutorial With Ordure

After almost two months since the last podcast, BassGorilla brings you an exclusive interview with Dutch bass music production duo Ordure (Jesse De Rooy and Jelle Geus). This interview showcases Ordure’s work including their remix of Kolt’s ‘Squirt The Daisies’ plus some unreleased music, so you could call it a ‘how to remix tutorial’ / […]


An Interview With Reid Speed Of Play Me Records

It’s time for an interview With Reid Speed – founder of Play Me Records and world famous DJ! I was recently blessed to be put in touch with the mighty Reid Speed through my friends at Symphonic Distribution, Janette and Jorge and do this really insightful interview. Some of the things I found out about the music […]