The BassGorilla Podcast! Interviews with famous music producers and record label owners giving advice to music producers like you and me, for free!

You can pick up some secret production tips from many of your favourite artists by listening to these episodes, and discover new artists and learn how they approach their music making. Enjoy!


Episode 041 – Interview with Julian Gray

Julian Gray, member of the famed “Collab Alliance” from YouTube, was trained in classical theory for 8 years. His love for music evolved into an ever-growing interest in audio technology, electronic instruments and digital audio workstations. Julian has worked with many major audio technology and software companies over the course of his career, including Ableton, […]

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Episode 040 – Interview with Los XL

LosXL, formerly member of the collab duo LocoMotive is a Mexican born producer/remixer, now residing in Washington D.C. Los XL is currently holding down the DC Moombah, Trap and Urban Bass scene with 2016 being very promising for him. Here are some of his best releases this year. 2016 Releases. Listen to the Audio (MP3) […]

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Episode 039 – Interview with Cat And Beats

Cat And Beats With BassGorilla

Our man Robert Fumo recently sat down with Amsterdam based artiest/engineer Cat And Beats (Guido Werner) to get his advice on all things music production. Listen to the Audio (MP3) version of the Interview here: Or you can Download the Interview Audio file. Go here to follow us on iTunes and catch all of our […]

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Episode 038 – Electro House Production Tips With Ryan Enzed

Our favourite New Zealander Ryan Enzed joins us in Episode 38 to share some Electro House production tips and to talk about the new course he’s just completed for BassGorilla members called Electro House: Start To Finish. Ryan Enzed is a house and electro producer and DJ who has had releases with Steve Aoki’s Dim […]

Episode 037 – AMB Interview

amb music interview

In Episode 037 we catch up with electronic music producer AMB, who shares with use his philosophy on mixing electronic music, as well as his creative process for writing new songs. He also tells us about what impact living in London had on his music (he is originally from Budapest and currently lives in Budapest […]