The BassGorilla Podcast! Interviews with famous music producers and record label owners giving advice to music producers like you and me, for free!

You can pick up some secret production tips from many of your favourite artists by listening to these episodes, and discover new artists and learn how they approach their music making. Enjoy!

Podcast 027 – Prismatic Interview

BassGorilla Prismatic Interview

I’m excited to present to you this exclusive interview with John Schmulowitz, AKA Prismatic. Prismatic’s music spans multiple styles from glitch hop to dubstep to electro house to drum and bass and beyond. He refers to his music as ‘journey music’, because he aims to take you to another place with each track he releases. John […]

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Podcast 026 – Glitching Techniques With Raptus

If you’re looking for simple but highly unique glitching techniques to use in your music, Raptus (AKA Roo Leach) reveals more than his fair share in podcast episode 026. This is a very special podcast – not only because Raptus has some mad skills that he’s gonna share with you, but also because he is going […]

Podcast 025 – How To Make Neuro With Spectric

neurohop tutorial bassgorilla

If you’re keen to learn how to make neuro influenced electronic music, you’ll be glad to know that in today’s podcast we have an exclusive interview with Spectric (AKA Hunter Streit) – an up and coming glitch hop / neurohop producer from Boulder, Colorado, with releases on Adapted Records and Upscale Recordings. This is the […]

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Podcast 024 – FREE Dubstep Tutorial With JIKES

You know that feeling when you hear a producer’s music and it blows your mind? That’s how I felt when I first discovered the sounds of James Leggett, AKA JIKES, from Ohio, USA. Being a huge fan of music from producers like XILENT, Seven Lions, Prismatic, Fractal and Au5, I was stoked to discover another […]

Podcast 023 – Haywyre On Writing Electronic Music [& FREE DOWNLOAD]

Welcome to the 2013 BassGorilla Podcast Christmas Special, featuring Haywyre (Martin Vogt). He is going to drop some seriously devastating knowledge bombs on the art of writing electronic music in this 23rd episode!   With his unique musicality and jazz influenced take on EDM, Haywyre has made a unique imprint on the world of electronic music […]