If you make bass music, this interview with Skope is a must-hear in my humble opinion, because you’ll find out so many in-depth examples of his sound design techniques for making neuro bass, percussion and other neuro wizardry, so get a paper and pen ready, seriously and expect to pause and replay some of the techniques he walks you through.

Skope has been leading the way in the ever-growing neurohop scene with some fantastic releases under his belt and many more to come, including his Rollerskates And Hoverboards EP which drops on 22nd July 2013 with the mighty Adapted Records and another EP with Caliber Music later this year.

He is a member of Omni Temple, which is made up of Skope (obviously), Shamanic Technology, Kursa, Dephicit, Spenghead and Freefall Collective – they are the Ratpack of neurohop/glitch hop and they run tingz proppa.

A side note from Skope about this interview:

“Pretty much everything I talked about in the interview is subjective and there are millions of ways of doing things differently and plenty of people would disagree with certain things. So please don’t take it for face value and consider it the right way of doing things. I go through phases of working in different ways and these are just a few things I am doing at the moment and on this particular track.”

Big ups to Flatmate as always for the intro music (The song title is Corn Flex, out on Caliber Music)

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Skope Interview

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