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You can pick up some secret production tips from many of your favourite artists by listening to these episodes, and discover new artists and learn how they approach their music making. Enjoy!


Episode 056 – 10 Reasons Why Producers Don’t Complete Tracks

Xenflex is the founder of BassGorilla. He has been producing music since 1996, starting with an Akai MPC drum machine sampler. He has released records with Adapted Records, Maxxed Music and Hopscotch Records and his music has had support from, Ni12, The Glitch Shop, and DJ support from Stickybudsand Tantric Decks, among others. Xenflex […]


Episode 055 – Interview With Rage Logic

Rage Logic has been playing guitar and piano his entire life, but got into producing electronic music 5 years ago after coming across dubstep and other experimental genres. His music has been featured in Adult Swim, and he’s released collaborations with josh pan, sober rob, Manitee, and Mo Vibez. He draws from almost all genres, […]


Episode 054 – Interview With VORSO

VORSO emerged with inimitably dynamic force in 2017, with his fresh approach to production and distinct, intricately heavy sound making immediate ripples and garnering widespread attention from open-minded listeners. Initial releases on the exploratory US bass imprint UPSCALE left a searing impression, with his dynamic touch and exceptional funk attitude coming through in a series […]


Episode 053 – Track Breakdown with Elliot Berger

Episode 53 Elliot Berger Podcast

First entering the scene in early 2011, after receiving support from Coldplay on a bootleg of their hit single ‘Paradise, Elliot Berger has maintained a strong voice in the melodic side of bass music. Elliot’s career gained momentum following the release of ‘Diamond Sky’ with Denver-based vocalist Laura Brehm, the first in a handful of […]


Episode 052- Interview with X-Ray Ted & Track Breakdown

Interview with X-Ray Ted & Track Breakdown

X-Ray Ted breaks down his Glitch-Hop remix of the 2004 Tanya Stephens track “It’s a Pity”. X-Ray Ted is a DJ & producer from Bristol, UK, specialising in Party Breaks, Hip Hop, Funk & Bass. His multi-genre sets & production have gained him support from the likes of DJ Yoda, The Craig Charles’ Funk and […]