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Episode 053 – Track Breakdown with Elliot Berger

Episode 53 Elliot Berger Podcast

First entering the scene in early 2011, after receiving support from Coldplay on a bootleg of their hit single ‘Paradise, Elliot Berger has maintained a strong voice in the melodic side of bass music. Elliot’s career gained momentum following the release of ‘Diamond Sky’ with Denver-based vocalist Laura Brehm, the first in a handful of […]


Episode 052- Interview with X-Ray Ted & Track Breakdown

Interview with X-Ray Ted & Track Breakdown

X-Ray Ted breaks down his Glitch-Hop remix of the 2004 Tanya Stephens track “It’s a Pity”. X-Ray Ted is a DJ & producer from Bristol, UK, specialising in Party Breaks, Hip Hop, Funk & Bass. His multi-genre sets & production have gained him support from the likes of DJ Yoda, The Craig Charles’ Funk and […]


Episode 051- Interview with Ill Esha

Ill-Esha interview BassGorilla

Ill-Esha (pronounced ill-EE-sha) is a Canadian electronic music artist, producer, singer and DJ known for her work in the bass music world, as well as her unique style of singing and DJing simultaneously. From an early age ill-esha had a musical background and she began her career as a vocalist, MC and Drum and Bass […]


Episode 050- Interview with Ekcle

When it comes to beautiful, unique electronic music, Ekcle has to be right up there with the best. That’s saying something. Their first release since their incredible debut EP Deshoda, is right up to the standard that it set. Starting off with a church atmosphere, the song takes you on an emotional journey with rises […]


Episode 049 – Interview with Kid Kamillion

Hailing from the dirty south mecca of New Orleans, Bryan Normand, known by his 808 bass-slanging alter-ego Kid Kamillion, began his career in high school as he put down his skateboard and turned to spinnin’ records. By college he was curating an underground music movement throughout the south and began taking over the New Orleans […]