Episode 036 – SeamlessR Interview

seamless electronic music training

Join me in episode 036 while I catch up with the mighty SeamlessR, who is without a doubt one of the most prominent educators in the world of electronic music production, not to mention a killer music producer with some formiddable sound design / synthesis.

You may be excited to know that SeamlessR has recently completed a dubstep course for BassGorilla.com, which will be coming out on March 25th.

Find out more about the course in this episode and catch a preview of the actual track that SeamlessR will be teaching you how to create from scratch, in this podcast episode.

In this SeamlessR interview, you will find out:

1:25 – Why his name has a silent R after it.
2:25 – How he got into electronic music production.
8:45 – How he got to the level he is at today with his synthesis and sound design skills.
14:00 – How he got into teaching and building his YouTube channel.
20:30 – The main synths for the various types of synthesis.
23:00 – The four types of synthesis (additive, subtractive, FM and wavetable) and how they work.
32:35 – Modular and analog synthesis – how he has been getting into it lately, and WHY. (fixed signal path Vs. individual modules)
36:00 – the differences in sounds between analog and digital synthesis.
37:50 – Details about his upcoming ‘How To Make Dubstep’ course, coming out on BassGorilla.com on March 25th.
39:45 – preview of his track made in the course (The track title is Rasta Squad).
45:50 – Details about a free sample pack from Prime Loops included with the course.
46:15 – SeamlessR’s channel set up and master channel set up.
48:15 – Where to connect with SeamlessR online

Here is the Dubspot video that SeamlessR talks about in this interview:


Here is a picture of Celldweller’s studio, which SeamlessR recently visited:


See SeamlessR’s store on Fixtstore.com here

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3 replies
  1. Gert Xdonerx says:

    yey!! Seamless!!! he brought my shitty sounddesign to something that sounds more and more like big D&B names 🙂 interview is great as usual! maybe we can get Ahab (Gravitas Recordings) to do an interview with you next time? his stuff is greate as well.

  2. Untz says:

    seamless knows what he’s doing, and he’s pretty good at neuro sound design, but he sucks at producing dubstep and dubstep sound design. The preview track in this interview was appalling, something you’d expect from a beginner

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