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  • 52 HD Video Lessons
    8 Hours 14 Minutes
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    Learn every feature of Ableton Live as we create a house track from scratch in this compre...

  • 21 HD Video Tutorials
    3 Hours 28 Minutes
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    Watch an entire track get mixed and mastered from start to finish, every step of the way. ...

  • 11 HD Tutorial Videos
    2.3 Hours
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    The mighty SeamlessR will reveal how to make a Skrillex / Zomboy - inspired dubstep track ...

  • 16 HD Tutorial Videos
    4 Hours
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    Get ready as Dan Larsson takes you on a sonic journey deep into the world of synthesis and...

  • 22 HD Video Lessons
    5 Hours
    Watch All Courses - $25 / Month

    Learn how to create a trap track from the ground up in this 22 part tutorial series by Bas...

  • 15 HD Video Lessons
    4 Hours
    Watch all courses - $25 / month

    Discover how to write a neurofunk drum and bass track in this 4 hour course, guaranteed to...

  • 10 HD Video Lessons
    2 Hours
    Watch all courses - $25 / month

    Harness the power of music theory to write better music, with the mighty VARIEN...

  • 40 HD Video Lessons
    4 Hours
    Watch this entire course - $25/month

    A in-depth drums, percussion and beat programming course for electronic musicians....

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