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Dubstep & Tearout in Ableton Live with Perry Wayne


Learn how to create bone crushing bass and genre defining drops with Perry Wayne as he walks you through his Beatport smash hit Stomp.  With this course you will learn how to become a lethal Dubstep and Tearout producer, creating hits with energy that is deceptive and captivating to the mass market of EDM. Course release date 30 January 2021.


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Results you can expect from this course

This course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to:

  • Learn how to get the most out of experimental sound design to lock in your unique style
  • Create energy in your tracks that keeps your listeners hooked
  • Get yourself in the proper mindset to actually finish tracks through to a professional quality release
  • Tips and tricks for releasing and marketing your music so it actually gets played
  • Mixing and arrangement that enables other DJ’s to easily include your song in their set
  • Learn mastering techniques that can be applied on any platform

Example Tutorials From This Course

About Your Instructor

Perry Wayne is known for his bone crushing bass sounds & memorable chorus’s and has had multiple releases under Subsidia achieving over 100k streams. He has released 2 EP by Buygore earning him 200k streams within days.

Perry’s accomplishments include being spotlighted by the Excision team as a representative of Subsidia, having his music played out by Excision, Riot Ten, Marauda, Hekler, Borgore, Nitti Gritti, Spag Heddy and Algo, the list goes on.

A lover of live performance, Perry has headlined and sold out many venues including The Lizard Lounge.  In 2020, Perry played some of the biggest sold out Drive In’s in Dallas with NGHTMRE & Kompany.  His musical journey is gathering momentum and you can expect him to be a name to watch at this year’s festivals and clubs as they embrace his unstoppable music.

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Tutorials In This Course

  • Module 1 – Introduction
  • Module 2 – Arrangement
  • Module 3 – The Intro
    – Building Foundations & Sampling
    – Mood & Creativity Plus Drums!
  • Module 4 – Build up
    – Build Drums
    – Tension Building
  • Module 5 – The Drop
    – Arrangement & Bass
    – Sound Design & Patchwork– 
  • Module 6 – Mixing
    – EQ
    – Gain Staging & Glue Compression
    – Sidechain & Cleanup
  • Module 7 – Mastering
    – SerumFX Secrets & Dynamic Compression
    – Ozone Secrets & Final Composition
  • Module 8 – Quality, Releases, Promo & Vision
    – Quality & Marketing
    – Releases & Promotion

Software Used In This Course & System Requirements

Software Used In This Course:

  • Ableton Live
  • Serum
  • Camel Crusher
  • Spire
  • Ozone

System Requirements:

  • Intel Mac with OS X 10.7 or later, 4 GB RAM
  • PC with Windows 8 or 10. 4GB RAM min

Additional information


Mixing & Mastering, Start To Finish, Synthesis & Sound Design


Dubstep, Tearout


Perry Wayne


Advanced, Intermediate


Ableton Live, Camel Crusher, iZotope Ozone, Serum, Spire


$19.99 USD / month

Cancel Any Time. No Contracts.