Music Marketing Tips With Varien

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Do you ever wonder how to go about defining your brand as a music producer? I’m not just talking about getting a buddy who has some Photoshop skills to make you a killer new logo – I’m talking about your whole image as a music producer, and the image of your music.

Well, this interview with Varien will help you to think about how to define your own unique sound and image, which is what you need to do to set yourself apart from everyone else and rise above the noise.

With over 65,000 Facebook followers and over 25,000 Soundcloud followers, Varien (Nick Pittsinger) has clearly been able to gain a level of popularity and notoriety that most producers will never experience, but how does he do it?

It’s not simply a case of following on your social media follower numbers, but they do indicate a level of influence and familiarity.

So how does Varien define his uniqueness in terms of his music and his identity, and grow audiences and fans across the interwebs? All will be revealed in this interview!

In this in-depth interview with Varien, focusing purely on music marketing tips, you are going to learn a lot of useful stuff from someone who’s not only done it all, but done it extremely well.

In this interview, Nick covers:

  • Your marketing of your personal image
  • How to define your own unique flavour of music
  • Growing your online presence on social media
  • Pros and cons of working with record labels vs. releasing your music for free, independently
  • And much, much more.

I’m pretty certain that you’ll get plenty of food for thought that will change the way you approach everything when it comes to your life as a music producer – Varien is one smart guy and he certainly doesn’t hold back any of his secrets in this interview. Enjoy it!

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