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Episode 037 – AMB Interview

amb music interview

In Episode 037 we catch up with electronic music producer AMB, who shares with use his philosophy on mixing electronic music, as well as his creative process for writing new songs. He also tells us about what impact living in London had on his music (he is originally from Budapest and currently lives in Budapest […]

Episode 036 – SeamlessR Interview

seamless electronic music training

Join me in episode 036 while I catch up with the mighty SeamlessR, who is without a doubt one of the most prominent educators in the world of electronic music production, not to mention a killer music producer with some formiddable sound design / synthesis. You may be excited to know that SeamlessR has recently […]


Music Marketing Tips With Varien

varien interview bassgorilla

Do you ever wonder how to go about defining your brand as a music producer? I’m not just talking about getting a buddy who has some Photoshop skills to make you a killer new logo – I’m talking about your whole image as a music producer, and the image of your music. Well, this interview […]

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BassGorilla Podcast 34 – Varien On The Making of GunMetal Black

Varien BassGorilla

Click here to download this episode [right click > save as after the page loads (ctrl click on mac)] In episode 34 we join Nick Pittsinger, AKA Varien. Get a glimpse inside the mind of Varien as he shares his thought process for inspiration and walks us through the making of ‘GunMetal Black’, which was […]

Podcast 33 – Erb N Dub On The Making Of ‘Moshpit’

Erb Bass

Download this episode here In Episode 33, we catch up with Peter Chapman, A.K.A. ERB N DUB, who is a primarily a drumnbass producer and international DJ based out of the UK.He is a Yamaha & Steinberg endorsed artist who is signed to Technique Recordings. ERB N DUB walks us through how he made his […]