Neuro Bass Sound Design – Frequent Interview (Free Video & DL)

One producer who has been making more than just a splash in the scene this summer is Frequent, AKA Nolan Petruska from Colorado. If you want to find out more about neuro bass sound design, this interview is for you. He is a total master with Ableton Operator and subscribers can see two tutorials he made showing his deadly techniques. What a ledge!

Nolan has had some huge success with Adapted Records, first featuring on their Up And Comers album, then more recently with his debut ‘Close Cut’ EP (also with Adapted), a 4 track EP featuring a collaboration with his close friend Evoke (the next podcast will be with Evoke).

Nolan recently remixed Au5’s ‘Metronic’. His remix received support from Dubstep.NET and has had over 50,000 plays on SoundCloud already.

With releases on Adapted and Atom Recordings under his belt, Frequent’s next releases include an EP with Caliber Music entitled ‘Entry’, and he is working on an EP with Formyl Recordings.

So you may be wondering how a guy with a little over a year of production experience has been able to have some much happen for him so quickly?

The secret lies within his bass sound design techniques, which he reveals in this podcast.

Techniques explained in this podcast:

  • An insane technique with Fab Filter Saturn
  • Tips on sound design in NI Massive
  • Neuro bass techniques using Ableton Operator
  • Background noises behind basses

Biggups as always to Flatmate for the wicked intro music – Corn Flex (out on Caliber Music).

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