How To Promote Your Record Label With Jorge Brea

Finding out from Jorge Brea all about how the music industry works from a distribution perspective was a real eye-opener for me, as it will most likely be for you too listening to this interview we did. Jorge will give you tips on how to promote your record label if you have one, or if you’re thinking of starting one.

He will also share some tips on how you can promote your brand as a music producer.

Whether you’re a producer, a record label owner or thinking about starting your own label in the future, this interview with Jorge will give you lots of ideas on how to better promote your brand.

You will also get an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at how a leading distribution company operates and what makes Symphonic a cut above the rest in terms of both their range of services and their quality of service, working with many of the most respected EDM labels in the world (including several of my personal favourites!).

An Interview With Jorge Brea Of Symphonic Distribution

Promote Your Record Label With Jorge Brea

Jorge founded Symphonic Distribution in 2006 and has grown the business to include a wide range of services since then. Symphonic works with Ammunition Recordings, Caliber Music, Gravitas Recordings, Play Me Records, Simplify Recordings, Abducted and a wide range of other leading EDM labels.

I was put in touch with Jorge and Symphonic through Jesse Brede, who runs Gravitas Recordings. Jesse was one of the very first people I interviewed on the podcast and I wanna say a big shout out to him for putting me in touch with Jorge.


For more information about how Symphonic could help you, visit the Symphonic website here.

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A shout out (as always) to my friends ‘Flatmate’ for the intro music – the song is called CornFlex and is out on Caliber Music.