Tips On Writing Happy Or Sad Melodies For Your Leads

How do you go about writing happy or sad melodies, or convey any other emotion or vibe in your electronic music? There are many techniques, that I will share with you in this quick video.

The art of writing a great melody for electronic music of any genre is an important one to master, so I made this video as part of the section on writing melodies.

This is one of the 70 videos included in the ‘Electronic Music Composition’ course.

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Writing Happy Or Sad Melodies For Electronic Music Producers

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2 replies
  1. The Metro-Gnohm says:

    Glad to see that you’re focusing on composition, scales and theory to back up the sound design that you’re already really good at instructing. You’ve put it in a really easy way to understand too.

    • bassgorilla says:

      Thanks man, I think this stuff is really important and is overlooked by so many people who make electronic music. Knowing music theory is like writing music on steroids!

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