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How To Make Trap 808’s In NI Massive

It’s that 808 bump that makes you put yo hands up! Sure you can use a sample but consider this first. In this tutorial our resident DAW hacker Subterranean reveals how to shape and grind out thunderous 808’s. Consider spending 1 hour designing a folder of your own signature 808’s. Name and key label them, […]

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10 Tips that will make you a better producer

If you are reading this article, you are probably a bedroom producer who struggles to fit music into his daily life. Every DJ and producer experienced that, but I am hoping that I will give you some insights on how to get a better sound in your tracks and how to come closer to your […]

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Hip Hop Tutorial: How To Make Virtual Instruments Sound Vintage

In this tutorial John Hanson (aka Subterranean) will tell you how to take any piece of audio, and give it vintage grit and crunch. This popular sound can be achieved with some chosen processing. Download the Project files   Click Here to subscribe our channel if you haven’t already!

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Learning Subtractive Synthesis

In this tutorial, I am going to focus on explaining subtractive synthesis. The purpose of this article is to actually give you knowledge on basics in synthesis, so that after this tutorial you are able to experiment in your instruments. I didn’t want to create another tutorial on how to make a specific sound, instead […]

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Episode 040 – Interview with Los XL

LosXL, formerly member of the collab duo LocoMotive is a Mexican born producer/remixer, now residing in Washington D.C. Los XL is currently holding down the DC Moombah, Trap and Urban Bass scene with 2016 being very promising for him. Here are some of his best releases this year. 2016 Releases. Listen to the Audio (MP3) […]