tutorials on how to write electronic music, ranging from tips and techniques on arrangement, composition, music theory, workflow, song structure, through to creativity and unlocking your imagination to get more inspiration for writing music.

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BassGorilla’s Top 10 Free Foley

Are you in need of royalty-free foleys and free sound effects? BassGorilla has got you covered with our Top 10 list of free Foley’s. Foley is the creation of common sound effects that can add sparkle to your productions with everyday sounds.  They are commonly used in the film industry in post-production to enhance audio […]

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BassGorilla’s Top 10 Free Midi Packs

As part of our mission to give you all the tools you need to massively accelerate your production skills and make killer tunes, we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled our favorite free MIDI packs. These packs have the freshest MIDI and WAV loops to provide you with the ultimate inspiration. So don’t […]


Unlocking Your Creativity to Produce Great Music

7 habits of successful producers

You may have asked yourself: “How can I be more creative when it comes to music production?” This might be the most common question music producers ask in their journey, especially from the get-go. After all, it’s creativity that sets us apart as artists and fuels the cutting-edge sound we use to express ourselves. While […]


Future Proofing your Music Production Computer

Ableton Live 10 Tips And Tricks

  When it comes to producing, there’s nothing worse than having technical difficulties hamper your creative flow. Most importantly, your computer shouldn’t hold you back and literally slow you down right when your flow is unstoppable. Music production is a CPU-intensive endeavor, so obtaining the right computer hardware should be treated with the utmost respect. […]


Three Surefire Ways to Consistently Finish Your Tracks

how to complete songs

  We’ve all been there… It starts off with a flash of inspiration, butterflies fill your stomach, you feel on top of the world with a creative high that this 8 bar loop idea is a banger. You get so wrapped up and focus on the sound design or the chord progression for hours, feeling […]