Many producers aren’t sure how to complete songs.

Have you experienced this?

“Mate, how can I complete more songs? My hard drive is full of unfinished tracks just gathering dust…”

We get questions like this all the time from producers all over the world.

(Interestingly, our members who have taken our start to finish courses don’t seem to have this problem so much)

Here are some of the biggest reasons why producers aren’t finishing enough tracks

(are you guilty of any of these too?)

1. Not removing distractions (Flakebook, turning off their WiFi connection and cell phone, etc.)

2. Not mapping out the song structure in their DAW so they know what sections are needed

3. Not knowing how to write a solid B-section that matches their A-section

4. Getting stuck and spending too much time trying to fix small things (like tweaking a hi hat for three hours)

5. Not breaking up the production workflow (sound design then songwriting)

6. Not starting out with a well thought out musical idea

7. Giving up too soon without experimenting and exploring new ideas for a track

8. Not taking enough breaks, leading to ear fatigue and boredom of hearing the same loop play over and over a gajillion times

9. Not bothering to work on the finishing touches that make a track sound complete (fills, edits, transitions, FX)

10. Not dedicating enough time for producing or learning how to produce properly

If you struggle to complete tracks, our start to finish courses can help you uncover the exact workflows and methods that A-list producers are using to write chart smashing tracks step by step.

All courses can be seen here

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