Episode 057 – Interview with Harvey Carter of Ekcle

Harvey Carter is an Electronic Music Producer, Engineer & Film Composer of various projects. Having worked on numerous independent published films and notable electronic music projects, such as Ekcle, he has built up a strong palette of sounds that can fit into many genres. His work has been released on labels such as Inspected Records, […]

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Sound Design Webinar Masterclass with Frequent – 15 March 2020

If you have ever wanted to get immensely valuable music production tips and tricks from a world class producer- now’s your chance! We’re thrilled to announce our new sound design webinar- hosted by legendary producer and Upscale label co-founder Frequent. In this 4-hour long, one-time masterclass, Frequent will be sharing his own sound design techniques […]

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Preview Video – Tascione’s New Hybrid Trap Course On BassGorilla

Take an inside look on how skillful producer Tascione walks you through the process of creating an energetic and powerful track from scratch! Here’s a sneak preview of Tascione’s new Start to Finish course where he creates a hybrid trap track in Ableton Live. For access to the Full Course plus hundreds of others join […]


Future Proofing your Music Production Computer

Ableton Live 10 Tips And Tricks

  When it comes to producing, there’s nothing worse than having technical difficulties hamper your creative flow. Most importantly, your computer shouldn’t hold you back and literally slow you down right when your flow is unstoppable. Music production is a CPU-intensive endeavor, so obtaining the right computer hardware should be treated with the utmost respect. […]


Three Surefire Ways to Consistently Finish Your Tracks

how to complete songs

  We’ve all been there… It starts off with a flash of inspiration, butterflies fill your stomach, you feel on top of the world with a creative high that this 8 bar loop idea is a banger. You get so wrapped up and focus on the sound design or the chord progression for hours, feeling […]