Ever wonder how some producers can be so damn “prolific”?

I bet you know a producer who’s always smashing out new tracks, collabing, touring and sharing new stuff with the world…

Here are 7 secret habits they use to consistently achieve such monumental feats:

7. They’re Proactive AF

This type of producer knows the importance of “G.S.D.” – Getting s%&t done!

6. They begin with the end in mind

This producer never starts any new song, new EP, new album, new project until they’ve clearly visualized the end goal.

5. They focus and prioritize ruthlessly

Don’t try to be the “checklist task master”…

Some things are more important and urgent than others. If anything isn’t important, forget about it. If it’s not urgent, do it mañana, mi amigo!

4. They collaborate with other producers

Whether it’s remixing another producer’s track, or collabing with other artists, they’re always teaming up (think about how prolific Mr. Bill is at this).

3. They look after their health

They eat right. They exercise. They get enough rest. They value having emotional balance. They don’t let things stress them out too much.

2. They keep their minds stimulated

Inspiration can come from anywhere. But you have to keep your mind open. Books, art museums, movies, cartoons, comics, weird music, stories are all good sources.

1. They’re constantly “sharpening the saw”

They’re always studying their craft and learning new techniques, new styles, new ways, new approaches – for everything!

From unusual little edits to new soundscapes and textures. From chord changes to bass filter movements…

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