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Episode 059 – Interview with Zeamoon

Mastering the art of mastering.  Now that is something worth talking about!  In this podcast Fumo dials up Zeamoon (aka Simon Neumann), a professional mastering engineer and producer, to learn more about the art of mastering and how to push yourself to keep on getting better and become the Master of Mastering!  

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BassGorilla’s Top 10 Free Midi Packs

As part of our mission to give you all the tools you need to massively accelerate your production skills and make killer tunes, we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled our favorite free MIDI packs. These packs have the freshest MIDI and WAV loops to provide you with the ultimate inspiration. So don’t […]

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Joe Ford Drum & Bass Masterclass – Frequently Asked Questions

Good news – The Joe Ford Drum & Bass Masterclass opens for enrolment less than one week from now! Thousands of people are getting pumped about this masterclass –  my inbox has been blowing up with questions Here are the new details you’ll want to know: How will the Drum & Bass Masterclass be delivered? […]

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Are You Making These Music Production Mistakes?

No matter how advanced you are at music production, there are common music production mistakes that every producer makes… Are you making any of these music production mistakes? 1. Trying to produce a track without having any strong musical ideas 2. Focusing too much on sound design instead of songwriting 3. Now organizing your DAW, files […]


Mixing Techniques For Modern Level Loudness With Joe Ford

Want to know the secret the pros use to make their mixes sound loud? These days, your mixes need to sound ‘loud’ to stand up against other tracks that a DJ might play on a club sound system. If your track doesn’t have as much perceived loudness as the tracks that play before and after, […]