tutorials on mixing audio and mastering your music

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Are You Making These Music Production Mistakes?

No matter how advanced you are at music production, there are common music production mistakes that every producer makes… Are you making any of these music production mistakes? 1. Trying to produce a track without having any strong musical ideas 2. Focusing too much on sound design instead of songwriting 3. Now organizing your DAW, files […]


Mixing Techniques For Modern Level Loudness With Joe Ford

Want to know the secret the pros use to make their mixes sound loud? These days, your mixes need to sound ‘loud’ to stand up against other tracks that a DJ might play on a club sound system. If your track doesn’t have as much perceived loudness as the tracks that play before and after, […]

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Free VST Plugins – Complete List

Free VST Plugins for electronic music production

If you’re looking for a huge list of free VST plugins that you can use to create music with, you won’t find a better list than this one anywhere! There are thousands of free VST plugins on the web. So many that you might not know where to begin. To make things easier for you, […]


10 Tips for Mastering Audio

In last article I have covered up some basic tips for getting that nice and clean mix. Now it is time to have a look at some mastering audio tips. Mastering is something like finalizing the track, making it sound good on all sound systems, speakers and headphones. It is also easier than mixing since […]


10 Tips for Clean Audio Mixdown in Ableton

In this tutorial, I will cover some tips when creating mixdown in Ableton that are quick and easy to use, but very useful when trying to achieve super clean sound. First, I will clear out some basic stuff about mixdown. Purpose of mixing down your track is to create clean sound that will be easy […]