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Tips and Tricks: Chord Progressions

Music theory is one of the most helpful tools for music production, regardless of its seemingly classical and restrictive atmosphere. Music Theory shouldn’t be used to define if your music is good or bad, or to strictly delineate what types of notes and note combinations can be used. Rather, it’s helpful for guiding the creative […]

Reverb -­ Digital or Analogue Simulation

When I first started making electronic music, a lot of my friends reacted to it by saying “Wow, it sounds like video game music!” At the time I took this as a compliment, because I love video game music and it informs a lot of my work. But I started to realize what they were […]


Sidechain Compression in Ableton Live

Sidechaining is an essential item in any producer’s toolbox. And while it might seem complex at first, with a little practice, it will soon become simple and fun to use. To get started sidechaining in Ableton Live, we are given a wide selection of several excellent stock plugins to experiment with. I’m currently using Live […]