So far we’ve had more people get the Dubstep Course than we expected and the response has been tremendous!

If you haven’t seen the excerpt tutorial or heard that track made in the course yet, you can check it out here:

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Here are five problems you may be experiencing that the dubstep course will help you change:

1. I don’t know how to completely build a track from start to finish.

If you struggle with workflow, you’ll be able to see over the shoulder of SeamlessR every step of the way as he builds a track from scratch through to mixing and mastering it. You’ll see how he designs every sound, how he constructs every layer in the arrangement and automates his sounds, and how he builds each section of the track and links the different sections together.

2. I struggle to get that ‘REAL’ dubstep sound

If you find it hard to get that proper dubstep sound, it may be for several reasons – how to design those powerful dubstep basses, or how to arrange everything in a way that gives your music that true dubstep flavour. By the end of this course you will know exactly how to create a Skrillex / Zomboy style track that has that true dubstep sound in it. 

3. My mixes always sound dull, muddy, boomy and generally awful

Ah yes, the classic mix down problem. The good news is you’re not alone. The better news is that in this course, you’ll see how SeamlessR mixes his basses, subs, drums (using multi band compression), his melodic elements and every layer in the track. You’ll also here how he masters the track (and you may be surprised to see WHEN in his workflow he does the mastering – hint: it’s not at the end…).

4. I find it hard to build energy through the track in my arrangements 

This is a songwriting related problem that many of us producers face. You’ll see how, in this track, Seamless starts off with a powerful intro and the energy levels through the track just keep getting more and more insane as we move through. It comes down to the arrangement, and you’ll see how in the tutorial series. 

5. I don’t have a solid understanding of how to use different plugins together to make awesome sounds

You’ll see a lot of different techniques in this track for making all kinds of amazing sounds, from growl basses using vocoders, to screech basses and other dubstep style FM basses, to arps and vocoded vocals to pads and risers. Every time you see one of these sounds getting made, you’ll see exactly which plugins do what, and how to use them. Even if you don’t use FL Studio, your DAW will have similar plugins that will enable you to get similar sounds. 

So that’s it! In conclusion, if you’re looking to take years off your learning curve and find out how to make a classic ‘brostep’ or American dubstep dancefloor banger from a producer who has oodles of skills, look no further than our dubstep course brought to you by the one and only SeamlessR.