When we first started out making music on Ableton Live back in 2001 it was easy to spend hours in the home studio making tunes night after night.

The passion to produce grew every night as as we got to grips with Ableton Live.

Even though we were new to making electronic music, our skills jumped by leaps and bounds every single night.

Within a few months, we knew our way around Ableton inside and out.

We could design fairly decent sounds, compose and arrange sequences and layer them into sections of a track, then write each section of the song structure to produce a full song.

But as time went by, our music (and our skills) started to plateau.

Sure, we could write tracks, but they weren’t sounding like label-worthy masterpieces.

As our skills plateaued further, the passion also starting to drift off.

It wasn’t as exciting as it used to be to produce new tunes.

And then one day it became clear –

When you’re brand new, your skills are so limited that figuring out how to do anything creates a major step forward in your skills.

(Remember the first time you mapped an LFO to a synth parameter to make the sound move? Felt like magic right?)

But as you figure out the basics and settle in to your own habits, those habits become extremely hard to break and propel yourself to that next level.

Unless you’re constantly being exposed to new methods and ideas, you’ll eventually run out of steam and become a sitting duck stuck in the water. 

Sure, there’s YouTube tutorials, but 99% of them are being pumped out by bedroom producers who aren’t much better than you (and many of them are probably worse than you!).

And if you’re learning from people at the same level as you, how can you expect to grow?

It wasn’t until we dedicated an entire year to working on our music that our skills started to accelerate to new levels.

That was the birth of BassGorilla. From there we started interviewing tons of A-list producers for the BassGorilla podcast. Any money made was reinvested into hiring these A-list producers to share their secrets with our audience.

Since then, dozens of our members have been signed by labels, won remix contests, got paychecks for making music for film and television and even had their music played by big producers at festivals around the world.

You only get one shot at life and all too soon the realities of babies and mortgages will hit you. Sure this can make you happy, but don’t be another one of those people who regret not chasing their dreams of producing music. Time is of the essence so make sure you give your skills some love and learn from the best.

Until next time,


P.S. If you feel like your skills have plateaued and you need a fuel injection of high octane knowledge to break out from your current skill level, the time to give us a shot is now. Details can be found here