Podcast 021 – Sound Design Tips – Evoke Interview

Get ready to learn some next-level sound design tips in this production interview with Evoke, who is a highly talented and highly skilled producer making some big waves in bass music this year. His skills grabbed the attention of Kursa, who does A&R for Caliber Music, and as a result he was quickly sought after to produce a 4-song EP out with Caliber Music (to be released soon). In addition to this, he has been working on a whole host of collaborations with the likes of Kursa, Ordure, Frequent and more. One of his collabs with Frequent was featured on Frequent’s latest ‘Close Cut’ EP with Adapted Records. The track is entitled ‘Porn Riff’.

Prepare to have your mind boggled by Evoke’s out-of-the-box thinking and his highly innovative approaches to sound design. We hope the tips shared in this podcast open up your mind to new possibilities and get you thinking in different ways about how to create new sounds for your own music.

I recommend you to have a pad and a pen ready, seriously! There is too much information for you to remember everything in this one. Afterwards, you’ll be making some of the craziest sounds your tender little heart desires.

BassGorilla Podcast 021 – Sound Design and Arrangement Tips With Evoke

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