Why You Need To Know Your Electronic Music Genre!

This is the first sneak preview of the Composition Masterclass webinar course in collaboration with Haywyre, which opens for enrollment once or twice each year. I believe that it is essential that you know your electronic music genre inside out, if you want to excel in it, and in this short video I will explain why. 

The course is designed to transform your songwriting and composing skills for writing electronic music of all genres, and this is why I have got Haywyre involved in the course – when it comes to understanding composition, Martin is without a doubt one of the most advanced producers in the world of electronic music.

I know that many of you are excited to see what knowledge and wisdom Haywyre’s shared in the video interviews in this course – trust me, the videos I’ve been making with him on melody, basslines, chords and much much more are friggin’ S-I-C-K!

This is one of the 60 video tutorials that are part of the course, along with 5 live 2-hour workshops, an e-book with exercises and lots of downloads for both Ableton and non-Ableton users.

Watch this sneak preview below to get a taster. There will be a couple more previews released over the next week, so check back here to catch more insider peaks at the videos included with this course.


Know Your Electronic Music Genre


If you want to find out more about how the Composition Masterclass can help you, read this post answering questions from producers in our community.

Thanks for reading and leave a comment below! Tell me what you think about genres in music.



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