Las Vegas producer Infinati achieved third place in our 2020 track challenge with his track “Seizure”.  We sit down with him and ask him a few questions about his music production journey and experience with BassGorilla.

1 )  Congratulations on winning the 3rd place our track challenge!  Did you expect to win?

Thank you. I didn’t really expect to win. There were really good entries in popular genres that I thought would win. There were also a few last minute entries that were really good. I was pretty shocked to have received 3rd place. Regardless, I just did it for fun and it was good to challenge myself with a timeline.  [If you want to hear the other entries, jump into our Discord channel]

2 )  What is the inspiration behind your track?

The inspiration behind the track was a near-death experience. I got a 12 minute grand-mal seizure, turned blue, and was bleeding out. I almost didn’t make it. I spent 10 days in the hospital. The track and sounds I made were inspired by my seizure, as well as all the hospital sounds I heard for the next few days. Some of the more abstract sounds I made were about the seizure itself, and the beeps and blops were inspired by the hospital sounds that I couldn’t escape. I did get a rush of inspiration while creating the track, so that part came easy because my experience was so prevalent and I just focused on that.


Photo by @photofm

3 )  What programs did you use to create the winning track?

I used Ableton’s built in Operator for creating the squishy sounds and glitch sounds as well as resampling them and changing the texture and pitch. For sounds such as the heart rate monitor and the melody, I used Serum and created the sounds from scratch there as well.

4 )  What is your overall experience with BassGorilla?

My overall experience with BassGorilla is really good. I thought I knew enough about music production, but my friend SpaceyBlurr convinced me to register. There’s a lot of videos with advanced techniques that I didn’t know about, so even 10 minutes into being a BassGorilla newbie I was already learning some pretty advanced techniques. You get to learn from pros in the industry and sometimes they happen to be some of your favorite artists.

5 )  What advice would you give to a producer just starting in the music industry?

Never give up, and don’t be afraid to try new things. Signing up for something like BassGorilla is really helpful because you learn music production secrets without having to scroll through thousands of irrelevant videos on YouTube. Don’t be afraid to create your own sound, eventually you will be known for making certain types of sounds and it’s nice to not sound like everybody else. Always try new things and don’t box yourself up and your sound palette will always remain fresh. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy yourself. Definitely don’t get caught up with plays and likes, that’ll come eventually.


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