Podcast 025 – How To Make Neuro With Spectric

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If you’re keen to learn how to make neuro influenced electronic music, you’ll be glad to know that in today’s podcast we have an exclusive interview with Spectric (AKA Hunter Streit) – an up and coming glitch hop / neurohop producer from Boulder, Colorado, with releases on Adapted Records and Upscale Recordings.

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In addition to his detailed and articulate music productions, Hunter also runs a graphic design company called Spec Visual, which focuses primarily on graphic design work for the music industry.

Hunter has designed many intricate images for Upscale Recordings and Adapted Records as well as for a wide selection of individual producers. He is also working on some forthcoming designs for the BassGorilla site (keep an eye out for those soon 😉 )

How To Make Neuro With Spectric

In this podcast, you’ll see inside Hunter’s DAW (Ableton Live) as he breaks down for you how he made his track Fulcrum (out now on Upscale Recordings) including:

•    Tips on making drums and percussion
•    An inside-look at his neuro bass sound design process
•    Tips on lead synths arrangement and sound design
•    His philosophy on the music making process and how it ties in with graphic design from his perspective

With productions of this quality, expect big things to come from Spectric in the near future!

Please check out Spectric’s production endeavors at soundcloud.com/spectric (or follow him using the SoundCloud player below).

You can get in touch with Hunter about his graphic design services at contact.specvisual@gmail.com

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5 replies
  1. Ricky Flynn says:

    Spectric is awesome and does great graphic art. He did my logo @ Soundcloud.com/serchlyts

    Having the Drums be the main vision of a song is pretty much genius if you ask me. A lot of people like myself will focus so much on the bass drop and spend much less time on the Drum work. The amount energy in your drums dictates the amount of energy in your track as a whole is such a clever explanation of why some of my tracks have lacked the energy I have been seeking.

    His Basses are also very cool it would be nice to have his bass processing technique explained a little bit more on the Subtractive Add effect rack maybe in a tutorial.

    Putting your groups in sends only is something i have never tried before, but I’m going to start do just this. just much more appealing sounding for verb and sc.

    A lot of great mix down tips in here. Thanks Spectric and BG for this great podcast!!

  2. Magiic says:

    Haven’t heard much from Spectric but he seems to have his melodics down. It’s always nice to learn about other producers or learn their interpretations of tricks you already know of which help you bend the rules your own way as well. Definitely a great way to learn from others without copying directly from them =)

  3. Alf Marius Valan says:

    Really good podcast, Luke! This video format is really really cool! Just had to bookmark this exact podcast, so much well spoken tips. Great job, mate!

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