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Podcast 026 – Glitching Techniques With Raptus

If you’re looking for simple but highly unique glitching techniques to use in your music, Raptus (AKA Roo Leach) reveals more than his fair share in podcast episode 026.

This is a very special podcast – not only because Raptus has some mad skills that he’s gonna share with you, but also because he is going to share with you some sick techniques on using granular audio editing to manipulate and mangle any sound through audio to make them sound completely different to the original samples.

The techniques Roo shares in this podcast are probably the most unique techniques shared by anyone on the podcast so far. Enjoy it!

In this podcast you will learn about:

  • Advanced glitch techniques
  • Granular Audio Editing
  • Working With Foley Sounds
  • Drum Processing (layering, arrangement, chopping breaks, time stretching,
  • Plugins he uses for drums (camel crusher, transient shaper, reverb,  etc.)
  • volume automation on reversed loops
  • Feeling different frequencies in your body for EQing
  • Tips for using NI Massive for bass sound design
  • Roo’s advice on how to sound unique by experimentation
  • Native Instruments Kontakt Vs. Ableton Sampler

Glitching Techniques With Raptus

“Don’t stick to any rules, just do what you feel you like. Just make what you like and don’t try to imitate others, or you won’t find your unique sound.”

Raptus is primarily a glitch hop producer and the founder of The Glitch Shop – a promotional channel and label designed to help glitch hop producers share their music with the world of glitch hop lovers.

The Glitch Shop has released ‘Glitch Shop ’Til You Drop’ volumes 1 and 2 – two free compilation albums full of tasty glitch music.

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  1. Rewan Raptus Leach says:

    Really enjoyed doing this podcast. Excuse the nerves though 😉 If anyone needs any deeper techniques or wants to be a part of The Glitch Shop’s compilations add me up 🙂

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