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Free VST Plugins – Complete List

Free VST Plugins for electronic music production

If you’re looking for a huge list of free VST plugins that you can use to create music with, you won’t find a better list than this one anywhere!

There are thousands of free VST plugins on the web. So many that you might not know where to begin. To make things easier for you, we have put together a huge list of VST plugins on this page. And yes, they’re all free!

VST, or Virtual Studio Technology, is like a recording studio inside your computer. It allows music creators to add instruments and studio quality sound to their tracks all from their home. These VST plugins are a lot like studio hardware, only they’re much more practical and in many cases, much more affordable.

Thankfully, there are a lot of free VST plugins available today. Enough that you can create and tweak your own music without spending a dime. In the following list, you will find free synth, compression, and limiter plugins, just to name a few!

We’ve broken the list down into different categories so you can find just what you’re looking for.

Free VST Synth Plugins

Liven your music up with these free VST synths. You are no doubt familiar with those pricey synthesizers you see in studio production. Now you can do everything you can with that equipment with these free synth plugins.

Now of course these synths won’t have the capability and power of a synth like Xfer Serum, but they do have some very nice oscillators and some great effects that make them very useable right out of the box.

Tyrell N6 – Racer with U-HE Engine
Helm – Polyphonic Synthesizer
Synth1 Synthesizer
Esfera Synthesizer
Burt 2.0 – Distortion Synthesizer

Free Effects Plugins

Take your tracks to the next level with these free effects plugins. Add glitch or electric sound effects to keep the beats flowing.

Amplio 2
Seism SFX
Spore SFX
Shadows SFX

Free VST Plugins For EQ

You can use these free EQ plugins to tune and shape your music. They work just like real equalizers. Just turn the digital knobs until you find the perfect balance of harmonics in your sounds.

Dust Equalizer
Luftikus – Analog EQ
Brainworx bx_cleansweep EQ
Marvel GEQ – Graphic EQ
SPL Free Ranger EQ
Elysia Niveau Filter EQ

Free Compression VST Plugins

Add depth and gain to your tracks with these free compression plugins. Just like an amplifier, you can adjust the depth, time, and gain within your music. These free compressors are great for dubstep.

Dancing Boy Compressor
Xfer Records OTT Compressor
Stereo Buss Compressor
NastyVCS Compressor
DepthCharge Compressor
WTComp Compressor

Free Reverb VST Plugins

Whether you want to make your tunes wet or dry or adjust the width and more, these free reverb plugins are for you.

Ambience Reverb
Abstract Reverb
Black Water Reverb
Wollo Spacer

Free Delay Plugins

These free delay plugins will let you make up for latency and add echoing to your songs. There are a lot of ways a delay can make your tracks stand out.

Valhalla Freq Echo
Stereo Touch
Sound Delay – Multi-Channel Delay
Latency Delay
ZA8 Dual Delay
Voxengo Sound Delay

Free VST Saturation Plugins

Make your music shine with some fine tuning of the bass and treble. These free saturation plugins give you all the options of high end equipment.

X-Tube Amp Saturation

Free Distortion Plugins

Add fuzz and boost your tracks using these free distortion plugins. You’ll be able to tweak your music and give it an extra crunch.

Delta Modulator
Tube Amp
ClipShifter 2.3.3
TAL-Tube Amplifier
8-Bit Shaper

Free Limiter VST Plugins

With these free limiters, you have control over your music. You’ll be able to limit the volume or range to your liking.

Limiter Snapin
Limiter No6
A1StereoControl Limiter
ATKS Stereo Limiter
4L2 Limiter
SimpleSqueeze – One Knob Limiter