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Only 100 Of These Are Available…

Hey, it’s Luke here from BassGorilla. In the last week, we’ve had over 1,149 people take part in the BassGorilla Resampling Challenge, and the results have been brilliant!  The doors closed for new entries last night. Since then my team and I have been going through everyone’s entries. There have been some amazing tracks sent in! The […]

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Win An Arturia Keylab 49 Midi Keyboard!

Would you like to win an Arturia Keylab 49 midi keyboard, mailed directly to your home? If your answer is “YES!”, simply enter your email on this page and join us for the… 2016 BassGorilla Resampling Challenge! Watch the video below to find out how it works and how YOU can WIN!

How to Build a Beat with Dynamics in Logic Pro

Given today’s technology such as the ability to quantize everything on time, anyone can build a beat in Logic Pro with minimum effort. Despite the ease of it, there are times when even the most experienced beat-makers pull their hair out trying to understand how their favorite producers wrote a groove. In many ways, drum […]

Phatten up your Basslines using Ableton Corpus

For this session we are first going to create a bassline. I am using U-He’s Tyrell N6 VST plug-in which is high grade in sound quality and costs nothing! Grab it here ! > https://www.amazona.de/amazona-de-freeware-synthesizer-tyrell-n6-v3/ For all CPU conscious people out there, yes it runs under 64 bit. I’m using the TUC – Basic Boogie […]

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Interview With Slynk – Glitch Hop Tutorial

Catch this exclusive glitch hop tutorial and interview with the one and only Slynk! Click here to download the audio file (MP3) of this interview If you don’t know who he is, Slynk is one of the leading producers in the glitch hop scene. This interview also doubles up as a glitch hop tutorial, as […]