Want to know what the best music festivals in the world are for bass music (genres such as dubstep, drum and bass, glitch hop, neurohop, trap, future bass, etc.)? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this article we’ve laid out the six best the planet Earth has to offer! Enjoy!

Burning Man (Black Rock City, Nevada)

Some may claim that Burning Man is not a music festival, but some of the best in bass music can be found there every year (as well as any other type of music). There are no bands and stages at burning man, so in that sense it isn’t a festival. The event is about self-expression and you are allowed to take your own sound system (as long as you apply and get approval in advance, and fall within the decibel and wattage limits).Once a year, tens of thousands of people gather in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert (also known as “the playa”) to create Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. The Burning Man project has grown from a small group of people gathering spontaneously to a community of over 48,000 people. Past themes have included Fertility, Time, Hell, Outer Space, The Body, The Floating World, Beyond Belief, Vault of Heaven, Psyche, Hope and Fear, The Green Man, The American Dream, Evolution, Metropolis and Fertility 2.0. Amplified music is a favored method of participation and self-expression at Burning Man, and one that influences a large number of people. It’s the ultimate melting pot of art, music, lights, people and the best fire show you’ll ever witness in your life.

Outlook Festival (Croatia)

Outlook is a 4-day festival that’s inspired by the bass of Jamaica but now caters for the world’s producers and bass DJs with everything from ska and reggae through dancehall, jungle, D&B, grime, dubstep and beyond. This 15,000 capacity venue is sited in an ancient old Austro-Hungarian fort on the coast of Pula, an old Roman outpost complete with its own near perfectly preserved colosseum, but the action happens in old moats, rustic courtyards, beaches and boats just down the coast from Pula’s centre. Rockers have Donnington, Hippies have Glasto, Trippers have Burning Man …. and now Bass Heads have Outlook.


Global Gathering (Stratford Upon Avon, UK)

GlobalGathering in the UK has become the undisputed heavyweight champion of electronic music festivals and is always held on the last weekend in July. It has established itself as a major UK dance festival since it began in 2001 and has won the crown for Best UK Festival for the last few years running in the DJ magazine awards and is now seen as the industry leader for worldwide electronic festivals.With over 80,000 people and seven stages, each playing host to different record labels on separate nights, there’s something for every EDM lover, from the main stage acts through drum & bass and dubstep lovers to the trance heads.As well as being a top-notch dance festival, Global seems to also be an unofficial fashion parade with masses of festival-goers decked out from head to toe in neon colored paint, fluffy boots and hot pants – don’t forget yours if you go boys and girls!


Six Of The Best Music Festivals In The World For Bass Music Lovers!


Creamfields (Daresbury, UK)

Creamfields is regarded by many as the world’s leading dance music festival with over 70,000 attendees in recent years. The original dance festival set out to provide the clubbing world with a bespoke large scale outdoor event and has gone on to become the most popular and renowned open air electronic music festival in the world. It began as an offshoot from Liverpool’s Cream nightclub, and is headlined every year by the band Crème. Other Creamfields festivals have been held in over 15 locations around the world. Creamfields is famous for many things not least its heritage but its consistent delivery of a world-class line up and unbeatable atmosphere. The line up mixes together genre breaking pioneers from across the DJ and live music spectrum staged across various stages and arenas.

Sun & Bass (San Teodoro, Sardinia , Italy)

SUN AND BASS is an exclusive Drum’n’Bass holiday on the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia and has been going for just over a decade. For a whole week music lovers from all over the world meet up at this incredible location to enjoy electronic music and to celebrate life on some of the world’s most stunning beaches. Each year numerous international top-class artists visit the small town of San Teodoro at the East coast of the island to perform at local clubs, in bars and directly at the beach!

Earth Frequency Festival (Brisbane, South East Queensland, Australia)

Earth Frequency Festival (AKA Earth Freq) is a music, arts, lifestyle and environment outdoor gathering based in South-East Queensland, Australia. As its title suggests, EFF is all about raising awareness and sharing useful information on environmental issues and sustainable lifestyle choices and community bonds. It has been running since 2006 and is now one of the biggest festivals in Australia, with many leading bass music acts including many glitch hop producers from all over the world.

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