If you are looking for Ableton Live 10 shortcuts, tips And tricks then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve put together an ultimate list of shortcuts for Live 10, along with some helpful tips and tricks and seven useful videos near the end of this post.

Ableton Live 10 is one of the best Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) available online.

It has countless great features that give you complete control over your music. We know it can take a long time to master all the tools in Ableton, which is why we made this list of helpful shortcuts.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, these Ableton Live 10 shortcuts, tips, and tricks will save you time and frustration.

That way you can keep making great music without the hassle of switching screens to lookup how to perform a certain action.

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Ableton Live 10 Shortcuts – Keyboard Wizardry

These Ableton Live 10 shortcuts are awesome for multiple reasons –

First of all, they save you from having to point and click and take less than a second to push.

Secondly, they stop you from losing valuable time and energy to edit your sounds and switch between different views in the DAW.

Switch to Full Screen:
Windows – F 11
Mac – CTRL – CMD – F

Jump to Second Window
Windows – CTRL – Shift – W
Mac – CMD – Shift – W

Switch Between Sessions
Windows – Tab
Mac – Tab

Change Devices
Windows – Shift – Tab
Mac – Shift – Tab

Open or Close Detailed View
Windows – CTRL – ALT – L
Mac – CMD – ALT – L

Change to Hot-Swap Mode
Windows – Q
Mac – Q

Change to Drum Rack
Windows – D
Mac – D

Open or Close Info View
Windows – Shift – ?
Mac – Shift – ?

Bring Up Video Window
Windows – CTRL – ALT – V
Mac – CTRL – ALT – V

Open or Close Browser
Windows – CTRL – ALT – B
Mac – CTRL – ALT – B

Show or Hide Overview
Windows – CTRL – ALT – O
Mac – CMD – ALT – O

Hide or Show Sends
Windows – CTRL – ALT – S
Mac – CMD – ALT – S

Open or Close Mixer
Windows – CTRL – ALT – M
Mac – CMD – ALT – M

Pull Up Preferences
Windows – CTRL- ,
Mac – CMD – ,

Close Active Window
Windows – Esc
Mac – Esc

Enable of Disable Almost Everything (Clips, Devices, Tracks, etc…) with One Numpad Key
Windows – 0
Mac – 0

Hide Returns to Save Screen Space
Windows – CTRL – ALT – R
Mac – CMD – ALT – R

Open or Hide I/O Window
Windows – CTRL – ALT – I
Mac – CMD – ALT – I

Ableton Live 10 Quick Editing Tips

These tips will help you stay in the groove without having to spend time opening context menus or searching for a basic tool.

Tip #1 – Quick Save
Saving your project often is important to avoid losing any of your hard work. To save everything quickly, simply press CTRL – S on your keyboard (CMD – S for Mac).

Tip #2 – Double or Halve a Loop
To quickly double or halve the length of a loop, you can press CTRL – ↑ or ↓ on your keyboard (CMD – ↑ or ↓ if you’re on a Mac).

Tip #3 – Play Only the Active Selection
Sometimes you want to play only a single part of your track while editing.

To do this, you can select the part you want to hear and press ALT – Spacebar on your keyboard. Only the selected portion of the track will play.

Tip #4 – Quickly Resume Playback
To quickly resume playback of your track without the mouse, you can press Shift – Spacebar.

Tip #5 – Finely Move MIDI Tracks and Parameters
Adjusting a MIDI track so it lines up just the way you want can be difficult.

To make it so it only moves in very fine increments, press and hold CTRL while you drag it with your cursor. This same trick works when adjusting parameters.

Tip #6 – Delete Time
While editing you may have to delete a chunk of time. To do this quick, you can press CTRL – Shift – Delete (CMD – Shift – Delete if you’re using a Mac).

Tip #7 – Quickly Resize the Current Grid
Many times, you’ll want to resize the grid you are using. To do this on the fly, hold CTRL (CMD on Mac) and press a number from 1 through 4 on the keypad.

Tip #8 – Toggle Draw Mode when Editing MIDIs
When making music, you’ll be working a lot with MIDIs. To quickly toggle draw mode while editing a MIDI, simply press B on your keyboard.

Ableton Live 10 Shortcuts – More Tricks

Ableton is a massive music editing program. It takes a long time to get a firm grasp on all the various tools.

Knowing some tricks can make your time editing tracks a lot simpler.

So below you’ll find this list of links to useful videos.

They will show you how to master the same tricks used by well versed Ableton users, Certified Ableton Trainers and professional producers using Ableton Live 10.

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Ableton Live 10 Shortcuts – Videos

If you’re interested to see how Ableton shortcuts work in action, or if you prefer a more visual way of learning them, then videos are a great resource.

We’ve put together a list of YouTube videos that will show and teach you a lot of cool and helpful shortcuts.

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