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Finding free vocal presets can be a challenge. Luckily in this article we’ll talk about where to go to find some free vocal presets that you’ll be able to scoop up for your next session.

Let’s get to it.



Reddit is a great source for vocal presets. If you go to Google and search “free vocal presets reddit” the top links will direct you to posts that people have made on Reddit essentially offering free vocal presets. This is a great resource because you can see in the Reddit comments what the community thinks of them. If you are new to reddit, the community can be ruthless. So if the community is supportive in the comments you should feel comfortable to try the vocal presets being offered. If you’re looking for vocal presets for a specific DAW feel free to include that DAW in your Google search.

This new site has become the main source for vocal presets on the internet. Many of the vocal presets on the website are free as well. You can also hear before and after audio demos so that you know what you’re getting into before you choose to download. It’s a great source and is trusted by music influencers like Chuki Beats, Larry Ohh and L.Dre.

Facebook Groups

This is a great tool to use for vocal presets. There are a couple private groups on facebook where users buy and trade vocal presets from one another. You can usually find free ones there. It can get a little sketchy because the presets are swapped in real-time so I would suggest waiting until you find out what other people think prior to downloading. If you are looking for where to start check out the link below. It’s called the “Vocal Presets Community”. This is the number 1 place to download free vocal presets on Facebook.


One of the newest groups that has recently emerged is the vocal presets Discord. Similar to Facebook, the Discord vocal presets groups swap in real time. These groups are very new but there are some great presets in there. I recently scooped up a Drake and Lil Uzi Vert vocal preset in one of the groups. I highly suggest searching Discord for some vocal presets groups.  The BassGorilla Discord channel has lots of members who may have some great tips or presets they can share.  Check out our member benefits for details.


If you’re interested in making vocal presets yourself check out YouTube. There are some great YouTuber’s that specialize in teaching you how to make your own vocal presets. This is super helpful because many of these YouTuber’s have spent years learning how to engineer music and are now basically distilling the information down so that you can instantly build your own vocal preset and learn from a trusted source. You can hear the before and after demo of the vocal preset on YouTube so you can decide early on if it’s worth following or not. Another huge benefit is that the audience in comments will help you work out any issues you may be having. This is a very supportive community that will typically try to help you get better.

Our favorite places to find free vocal presets in order are Reddit, Facebook,, YouTube and Discord.

You can spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos and then after struggling to recreate them, find out you don’t like the preset.  The quickest way is to download a bunch of vocal presets and swap through them quickly in your DAW so that you can quickly see what the vibe is. No time wasted.

Where do you go to find free vocal presets? Hit us up on Discord or on our socials.




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