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Welcome to our Max MSP online courses, where the power of visual programming meets music and multimedia innovation. Max, also known as Max/MSP/Jitter, has been a pioneering force for over thirty years, empowering composers, performers, designers, researchers, and artists to shape the future of audiovisual expression.

Our curated courses unravel the intricacies of Max MSP’s modular and extensible design. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive journey that demystifies shared libraries, external objects, and the API that facilitates third-party development. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced programmer, our courses are designed for all skill levels and provide a structured path to unlocking the full potential of Max MSP.

Discover how Max MSP serves as a lingua franca for interactive music performance software, seamlessly embodying both program structure and graphical user interface. Our expert instructors, well-versed in Cycling ’74’s revolutionary creation, will guide you through hands-on exercises and real-world applications, ensuring that you not only understand the theory, but also master its practical implementation.

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