synthesis and sound design focusing mostly on how to make synth leads, pads, soundscapes, atmostpheres and teaching you a range of synthesis types including wavetable, additive, subtractive, fm synthesis and more

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Free Massive Presets [1000’s of Free Downloads!]

Free Massive Presets for Native Instruments Massive

Have you been searching all over the web for free Massive presets? This page may just be your last visit. Below you will find a huge list of presets, all of which are free! No strings attached. If you are an artist who loves to make electronic music, chances are you have heard of Native […]

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Free Trap Samples – Complete List

free trap samples packs

If you’re looking for free trap samples, you won’t find a list this complete anywhere else! I’m sure you’ll agree that trap and hip-hop production has surged in the last decade. Digital audio workstations (DAWs) like Ableton, FL Studio, Pro Tools, and Logic Pro have made it easier than ever to produce great sounding beats […]


Reverse Vocal Swell Trick in Ableton Live with GDLK

Greetings again Bassgorillas!!! GDLK here again with some more Ableton inspired information. In this vid I show you how to do the oh-so important “Reverse Reverb Effect”. There is so many applications for this technique and if you dont know how its done, you’re going to really get a kick out of it and I […]

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What is a Reese and How to make one

A reese bass is a sound that is most commonly used in Drum and Bass genre, but also Dubstep and nowadays Bass House. The reason why reese is so interesting, is because of the phase cancelation two detuned waveforms cause, creating continous sound that is modulating itself. When you take two waveform that are in […]

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How To Make Your Own Drum Sounds In FM8

How to make kicks and snares in FM8

In this article, I will guide you through the process of making your own Drum Sounds In FM8. The plugin used in this tutorial will be FM8 since it is the most used frequency modulation synth. Also, I will try to explain in details every single tweak I do in a way why am I […]