A Quick House Chords Tutorial

For those of you who like some chilled sounding chords in your songs (useful with house music and chillstep, for example), you might find this quick house chords tutorial video useful, helpful, insightful, inspiring and ingenius (I hope!).

This Massive patch is very easy to make and highly effective for creating a nice ambient vibe.

You can also resample the chord and then transpose the sample to create some unique chord progressions.

You’ll find that when a pianist or a properly trained keyboard player who knows music theory, plays a chord progression, some of the chords are minor, others are major. Some might be augmented or diminished. All of this is determined by the scale that the pianist is using. When house music pioneers first began using the technique I show you in this video, many of them were not coming from a background in music education.

As a result, they came up with this resampling technique, whereby the chord is transposed up or down and therefore does not follow a scale. However, it still sounded good, and if it sounds good, you’re good to go – there are no rules in music!

Please leave a quick comment below the video for the rest of the community to check out – if you have any ideas on how to make this sound even cooler, below is the place to let us know!