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Our courses detail the latest techniques that the pros are using to master their audiences.  With years of proven experience, our instructors are now offering you the opportunity to massively accelerate your learning and reach your goals sooner.

START TO FINISH COURSES: Discover how to complete songs by accessing start-to-finish courses by industry leading producers.  With dozens of start-to-finish courses revealing how to create all kinds of genres and emerging styles of cutting-edge electronic music there is sure to be something for you.

SYNTHESIS AND SOUND DESIGN COURSES:  Easily create your own next level sounds once you uncover the sound design secrets of world class artists.

MIXING AND MASTERING COURSES:  Transform your muddy mixes into crystal clear masterpieces after you watch over the shoulders of pro audio engineers mixing and mastering step-by-step.

MUSIC THEORY AND COMPOSITION COURSES:  Unlock the hidden secrets of music theory so you never get held back from conveying the exact emotions you want to express.

MARKETING AND ARTIST DEVELOPMENT:  Get your music heard and build the fanbase you deserve by applying the proven techniques of industry veterans.




Getting good at electronic music production is tricky.  Getting excellent at it is even harder.  If you want to succeed at music production the best thing you can do is study what’s been proven to work, then practice, practice practice.

At BassGorilla, we recruit  the leading producers in the world of electronic music and get them to share exactly what’s working for them in terms of state-of-the-art music production techniques, ranging from sound design to songwriting to mixing and mastering.  We then deliver these techniques to you via step-by-step tutorials and our premium courses.

We also interview these top producers for our podcast, enabling you to hear the voices of your favourite producers and getting to know their way of thinking about music production.  This brings you more and more cutting-edge and lesser-known techniques, keeping you updated on the latest methods for making electronic music, so that you are always ahead of the curve and you have the skills to create the best possible music.

Become a BassGorilla Member and you will have the opportunity to deepen your skills further by asking questions directly to producers and improve your overall approach to making your own music.





While many of the other online music production skills strive to teach you what they can, the majority of them are teaching you the textbook, cookie-cutter methods that every other Tom, Dick and Harry has been using for years.  While it is true that many of them have good teachers who are able to teach clearly, it is also true that most of them lack the connections to the producers who are constantly releasing music that is at the top of the EDM charts on Beatport and other platforms, meaning that they have no way of knowing exactly how some of the finest bass music is created in detail.

That is the huge difference that BassGorilla is able to offer you as a growing artist.  Our ever-growing network of friendships with those producers at the top of their genres, coupled with our high quality, step-by-step explanations of their techniques in our tutorials enables us to deliver you unbeatable content, that you can implement into your own music quickly.

So far as to say that you’re in very capable hands with BassGorilla, learning from the best of the best as we bridge the gap between you and the top producers in electronic music today.

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Here’s to taking your production skills to the next level and making your dreams a reality!

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