How To Make A Funky Synth Lead (Sound Design Tutorial)

I wanted to show you an approach to making a synth lead with this sound design tutorial. Bring on the funk my brother from another mother! I basically used a couple of presets from FM8 (one of my favourite synths), but the real sound design comes later in the signal chain with the use of frequency […]

Frequency Splitting Your Bass

If you want to know how to make neurofunk, how to make neurohop and how to make neuro sounds in general, you will need to learn the art of frequency splitting your bass sounds. This technique will allow you to get your bass sounding bigger, and you can put different effects on different layers and […]

How To Make Neurofunk Bass

As many of you know I’ve been focusing 100% of my production efforts on neurofunk and neurohop since 2011, and my debut release with Adapted Records was a neurohop release. So I decided to make this article and these video tutorials on how to make neurofunk bass. I love this style of bass. The sound […]

How To Make Your Own Dubstep: Making Each Element Really Pop

Learning how to make your own dubstep that sounds epic, original, has a clean mixdown and excites your listeners is where we should all be aiming towards (if you’re a dubstep producer!). Unfortunately a lot of dubstep out there sounds like garbage – rushed and predictable – the sound of robots raping each other. Dubstep […]

Sub Bass Massive Tutorial

Do you really understand how to make sub bass? Sub bass is an essential element in today’s modern dance music, and that goes tenfold for bass music! Getting sub bass right can be a total pain in the old man’s pajamas so I thought it would be valuable to put together some useful info to help […]