Haywyre Tutorial: Writing Chord Progressions

This is the third sneak preview from the ‘Electronic Music Composition‘ course featuring 10 interviews with Haywyre. It’s all about writing chord progressions that work well together in one song.

OK, so here’s the problem – and I know that many people (including myself) have faced this problem numerous times….

Let’s say you write a chord progression for your track, then you write one or two lead melodies, basslines and so on. So you’ve got yourself this one 4 bar or 8 bar section of your song. Great! What the hell do you do next?

How do you come up with OTHER chord progressions that are going to actually work well with the first one you wrote?? 

We’ve all experienced it – the other chord progressions you write may even sound good in their own way, but often they will be too different to your original section and they won’t help to maintain the overall vibe and mood of the song you’re trying to write.

In this tutorial with Haywyre, you’ll see how you can put this problem to rest once and for all!


Writing Chord Progressions With Haywyre 


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This is one of about 10 video tutorials with Haywyre in the course, which features another 60 videos by Xenflex and five 2-hour webinars (the fifth one is a live Q & A with Haywyre).

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