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Video Game Sound Effects – Complete List

Video Game Sound Effects For EDM production

If you’re looking for video game sound effects then this page has you covered. We’ve drawn up a huge list of free sounds. Whether it’s 8-bit sound effects, chip tunes, or laser sounds, we have it all!

Video games have played a huge role in our lives over the years. People of many generations have grown up playing video games, whether on a Sega Master System, Commodore 64, Super Famicom or Playstation. Just like hit music, video game sounds stick with us and remind us of our favourite games.

That’s why it is common for musicians to use these types of sounds in their music. You have likely heard a video game sound in electronic music at one point. The use of chip tunes or 8-bit sound effects can take a song to a whole new level, especially when a producer glitches the original sound to create entirely new soundscapes.

The web is full of video game recordings that will inspire your own music. In the following list, we have put together a complete list of sound effects and tunes. They’re sorted by type so it will be easy to find what you’re searching for.

Free Video Game Sound Effects Sample Packs

First of all, let’s take a look at sample packs for video game sound effects. These packs contain multiple video game sound effects, including sound effects and music. You can use them to inspire your own gaming tracks.

Games and 8-Bit Kit Volume 1
Free 8 Bit Samples Packs
8 Bit Beats
Casual Game Sound FX Pack
NES Style Sound Effects Pack
8 Bit Sound Effect Sample Pack
Arcade 8-Bit Sound Effects Pack
8 Bits Free Sound Collection
Super Mario Sound Effects Sample Pack
Mario Cart Sound Effects Sample Pack
Smash Bros Sound Effect Samples
GoldenEye Sound Sample Pack
Zelda Sample Pack
Banjo Kazooie Sound Effects Pack
30 Game Sound Effects Sample Pack

Free Laser Sound Effects

Nothing is more memorable than laser sound effects in video games. These free samples can add a retro gaming feel to your music. Download these samples below and use them in your own tracks:

Space Invaders Style Laser 1
Long Laser Shot
Classic Style Laser
Sci-Fi Laser
8-Bit Laser
Laser Beam
Alien Laser

Free Blip Sound Effects

Nearly all retro video games have unique blip sound effects. Many artists add them to songs either in repetition or at various arcs.

1st Retro Blip
2nd Retro Blip
3rd Retro Blip
High Pitch Blip
Quick Blip
Double Blip

Free Sweep Sound Effects

Sweep sound effects are found in video games like Mario, Zelda, and other classics. Adding them to your music can add extra rhythm and bring back fun memories of those games.

10 Free Sweep Effects
Generic Kick Sweep Effect
Roundhouse Kick Sweep Effect
Digital Sweep
Swooshing Sweep Effect
Sci-Fi Sweep Effect
Dimensional Sweep
Wavy Sweep
Electronic Sweep
Transition Sweep
Impact Sweep

Video Game Chip Tune Samples

The 8-bit music from classic video games is as memorable as it is fun to listen to. You can use these chip tune samples in remixes and electronic music to make killer tracks.

Free 8 Bit Chiptune Collection
8 Bit Adventure Chiptune
Pixel Land Chiptune
8 Bit Root Chip Tune
Hero’s Day Off Chiptune
8 Bit Village Chiptune
8 Bit Intro Chiptune
Random Zero Chiptune
Dungeon Boss Chiptune
Pinball Spring Chiptune
8 Bit Paradise Chiptune
8 Bit Theme Chiptune