Varien Tutorial – Writing Melodies

varien music theory tutorial

Here is a free video from Varien’s forthcoming ‘Music Theory For Electronic Musicians’ tutorial series, exclusively available at BassGorilla.com

Who is Varien?

Varien is an accomplished composer and producer who has been with the label MonsterCat since their start.

If you’re unfamiliar with Varien’s music, I suggest you check it out as soon as you can. Varien is one of those few artists who is able to truly take you to another world with his music. He draws upon inspiration from imaginary characters and stories that he writes his compositions around.

Varien BassGorilla Interview

To find out more about Varien, you can listen to this interview he did with BassGorilla founder Luke Ward, where he shares many useful tips on music production and walks us through how he made his killer track ‘Gunmetal Black’.

Nick is based out of Tampa, Florida, where he grew up. He has always been deeply involved with music and is a classically trained pianist. He has played in bands and can play guitar, which he still does as a producer of electronic music, combining his electronic productions with recordings of his guitar playing, which he then imports into his DAW to rearrange and process.