BassGorilla’s man on the scene, Wayne Thai, digs out this year’s ten best drum and bass tracks.  There are some absolute belters in here that will be around way beyond 2020, so be sure to give them a listen and let us know your thoughts.  If you want to learn to make drum and bass like a pro, check out our courses from Skope, Joe Ford, Dan Larsson and more.  You’ll be releasing a classic in no time!

10. Ultrasonic by Exploid

Exploid makes it on the list with Ultrasonic. The 8th note bassline in the drop is incredibly euphoric and is accompanied with square lead melody.  Exploid tightens this song together in a seamless and smooth beat and an uplifting atmosphere. 

9. PhaseOne & Modestep – “Mayday” (The Upbeats Remix)

The Upbeats’s electrifying DnB remix of PhaseOne & Modestep’s dubstep record “Mayday”, turns it up a notch and arms it with a complementary bass-heavy drum and bass track that’s proper club carnage. We’ll be sure to hear this one tear up clubs after quarantine.

8. Delta Heavy & Muzz feat. Cammie Robinson – “Higher Ground”

A mighty collaboration, this track delivers neon dancefloor vibes with an 80’s flair and has us craving festival season even more.  This anthem will definitely be one to singalong in the crowd. 

7. Shadows Original Mix Neironaft

Shadows starts off with an eerie, slow and ominous build up, almost faint and quiet.  Its unique use of drum patterns create an interesting groove that you can dance to. As the song progresses the buildup rises in intensity, gearing up the listener for the drop and mashing the place up.

6. Chronic Thought feat Rogue-T, Let Me Love

Let Me Love begins with a house-vibe, which builds up into a grimey, yet groovy drop. The song combines elements of jungle, glitch, garage, and drum and bass in this release. His ability to merge these elements is showcased flawlessly with this release.

5. Bensley – “Secrets” (Flite Remix)

US Drum & Bass trailblazer Flite showcases his skills with this superior remix of Bensley’s “Secrets”.  Flite adds a unique darkness that’s perfect for drum and bass dance floors and seamlessly sews the alluring vocals with raw grittiness.

4. Dying Light by ShockOne & Metrik

The latest collab between ShockOne and Metrik, Dying Light, pumps out that constant euphoric head-nodding urge, especially at the drop. Both artists are heavy-hitters in their field, pioneering unique sounds in drumstep and dubstep.  This collab provides a great showcase for their skills.

3. Netsky – “I See The Future In Your Eyes”

Netsky is back at it again following a short hiatus, with his return to Hospital Records and his latest killer liquid drum and bass track. His signature upbeat style rings strong in this one. The break has clearly refueled his creativity tank! 

2. Wait for You (Matrix & Futurebound)

The renowned liquid drum-and-bass duo combine an uplifting bassline with Tom Walker’s vocals in Wait for You.  This is bound to stay at the top of drum & bass charts as it delivers the feel good factor in spades. Guitars accompany Walker’s lyrics, then drops into in their signature emotional liquid drum and bass style. Musically, the duo effortlessly capture raw emotions with catchy basslines providing a sonic icon to the liquid drum & bass community.

1. Plastic Memories by Exploid

Very melodic and emotional, Plastic Memories gives you that awe-inspiring liquid drum-n-bass feel. The epic bassline reverberates through the whole song and resonates to the core. Exploid has been building up momentum in recent years, especially with his latest album Cross the Line, and Exploid is the crowning glory on a stellar 2020.

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