Sound Design Science with Durk Kooistra

Discover the closely guarded methods that professional sound designers and producers are using to make bass heavy atmospheric music!

Watch the video below to find out how this course will boost your skills and listen to the finished track

I'm getting a lot out of this course. I really like how he focuses on Kontakt and Absynth, both of which are incredibly powerful. I'm especially loving the sections on bass design in Kontakt. He's good at explaining what he's doing and, most importantly, the sounds he makes are totally legit. Thanks for making yet another high quality tutorial taught by a top shelf artist!

Telemeter Conrad 

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➤ Discover how to use this powerful sampler from Native Instruments to take your sounds (and especially your bass sounds) into new dimensions.

➤ Creates a heavy bass sound in Kontakt, and builds it up to give it more character.

➤ Discover some of the lesser known ways to use Absynth to create basses, chimes and other atmospheric sounds.

➤ Find out how to create unusual foley sounds using sounds like violin bows and metal salad bowls.

➤ Unleash the power of Native Instruments Guitar Rig on your music with Durk.