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SeamlessR Dubstep Course – ‘Rasta Squad’ [Track Playthrough]

seamlessr dubstep course bassgorilla

Here’s a playthrough video where you can hear the completed track that SeamlessR creates in his ‘Dubstep: Start To Finish’ course, exclusively available from BassGorilla.com

We tasked him with creating a Skrillex / Zomboy style dubstep track for the course, and he went ahead and created this banger, which he has aptly named ‘Rasta Squad’ (haha).

The entire course is made using FL Studio (SeamlessR’s DAW of choice) and will be available to purchase as an individual course for download, or as one of the courses in our entire library, available to Backstage Pass members.

If you want to learn more about SeamlessR and get some great tips from him on how to synthesize sounds and create bass heavy music, listen to this recent interview I did with him. Otherwise, if you’re interested in finding out more about what you will learn in the course, click here.

We hope you enjoy the track!