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Neurofunk Drum And Bass Tutorial (2 videos)

I’ve been picking up so many good tips recently from producers like Frequent, Kiro, James Marvel, Ordure – the list goes on. Most of these tips are about bass sound design and drums, so I made these two tutorial videos on how to make neurofunk drum and bass. I hope you like them.

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This first video here goes through the bass work. In this video we look at how to design the bass sounds, including synth patch design, effects processing and resampling. We also look at bassline arrangement to compose a fully functional deadly bassline.

Neurofunk Drum And Bass Tutorial

And this one here gives you some good tips on processing drums for drum and bass and neurofunk (in my opinion). Hopefully you’ll pick up some useful tips on how to make drum and bass drums in this 2nd video.

You might also be interested to check out the neuro bass sound design in Ableton course.

You’ll learn the exact techniques I was shown by Disprove (Caliber Music, Ammo Recs), Ordure (Adapted Recs), Kursa, Skope, MakO, and advanced techniques involving granular synthesis, vocoded foley samples, multiband processing and much more. The course contains 54 videos and over 10 bass examples, and is over 5 hours long.

What did you think? Please leave any comments below. Cheers!