My Epiphany Of Last December

bassgorilla electro house

One afternoon last December, while sitting in a coffee shop in Tokyo one afternoon, I had a striking realization – an ‘epiphany’, you might say…

coffee shop tokyo

More on that in a minute, but first let’s zoom out for a second.

You might associate BassGorilla with bass heavy styles of electronic music. And you’d wouldn’t be wrong, but things have been changing a lot lately.

In my life I have always been drawn to heavy music but about a year ago some very strange things started happening.

For the first time in my life, I found myself getting deeply into house, electro and techno, in a BIG way.

I think that I had just reached a point in my life where I needed to hear something different.

From my 16 years of experience producing music, I was beginning to feel tired of the usual ‘bass music’ I had been so involved with.

I was searching for something different and I found myself becoming more and more into music with a 4-on-the-floor beat. I started listening to it a LOT, and discovered a newfound appreciation for it.

At the end of last year I was doing a lot of thinking about BassGorilla’s future focus.

I realized that there is a vast area of interest that the site didn’t cater for yet – the house, electro and techno styles of music.

So there I was one crisp sunny afternoon last December, sitting in that small coffee shop in Omotesando, Tokyo on my laptop one afternoon (if you don’t know already, I used to live in Tokyo for 8 years. I was there last December visiting my wife’s family and my good old friends who still live there).

Since last autumn I had been listening to artists like Laid-back Luke, Umek, Henry Fong, Richie Hawtin and a lot of other amazing producers, who were supplying my brain with a whole new world of music to get into.

This new world of music was hugely refreshing and inspiring for me, and the cob webs of the same old heavy bass music were being blown away.

I decided that it was time for BassGorilla to spread its wings and cater for a wider audience.

It was in that coffee shop that I reached out to New Zealand producer Ryan Enzed, who I had discovered years before from his great tutorials on YouTube.

Now, six months later, Ryan has just finished up his first ever online course exclusively for BassGorilla, called Festival Bounce: Start To Finish, which will be available soon.

This course is not only our first ever course for lovers of electro – it is also our first ever Logic Pro based course, and we will be creating more courses for Logic users going forward.

So what is Festival Bounce? Where did the Melbourne Bounce sound come from?

More on that later…

To Be Continued…