Music Theory For Electronic Musicians With Varien

Finally! A quick and easy way to dominate with music theory so you can create beautiful chord progressions, melodies and harmonies (without having to study for years at music school). Brought to you by MonsterCat signed artist Varien

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Varien is an excellent communicator, and his musicianship is impeccable. What he had to say about repetition and simplicity as essential elements of a good melody was both right on and very helpful. For anyone who needs an intro to theory and writing real music, the Varien course is a great place to start!

Byron P. United States


➤ This course is for people who know how powerful music theory can be (just listen to music written by Varien or Haywyre for example!), and want to know how to use it to write better music more easily.➤ Even if you have a solid grasp of music production, perhaps you haven’t focused on learning music theory yet (like many others!).➤ If so, this course is for you and will help you advance your overall knowledge in a concise, structured way, taught by an accomplished producer who is a classically trained pianist.

➤ Find scales in any key on your keyboard or piano roll, so that you can write melodies that make sense musically➤ Produce a wide variety of chords to use in your music using your knowledge of scales➤ Create interesting chord progressions using your knowledge of chords➤ Spice up your chord progressions with a range of techniques➤ Write excellent melodies and harmonies over your chord progressions that resonate with your listeners➤ Convey the exact mood you want to express with your music➤ Know how to put all of this music theory together to compose a track.

Varien (Nick Pittsinger) is a classically trained composer and hugely popular music producer who has been signed to the massive record label MonsterCat since their inception several years ago.He also writes music for Hollywood movies, computer games, television and trailers.Nick is an excellent music instructor, who is able to explain concepts in a clear and easy-to-understand way, while at the same time keeping his tutorials fun and engaging for the viewer.

Module 1 Music Theory For Electronic Musicians

Unit 1 1. Names of the Notes

Unit 2 2. Scales

Unit 3 3. Intervals

Unit 4 4. Chords

Unit 5 5. Chord Progressions I

Unit 6 6. Chord Progressions II

Unit 7 7. Time Signatures and Note Length Values

Unit 8 8. Melody Writing 101

Unit 9 9. Putting it All Together

Unit 10 10. Bonus – Varien Chord Progressions

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