Mixing & Mastering Electronic Music With XENFLEX

Think of all the difficulties you come up against trying to get your mix to sound professional, clean & powerful, time after time, track after track. With this course, you'll be able to shave years off your learning curve and strengthen up your mixing and mastering skills in just a few hours, as you watch over my shoulder and see me mix and master a complex track to completion.

Watch the video below to find out how this course will boost your skills

I'd highly recommend anyone to watch the Mixing & Mastering Electronic Music course by BassGorilla. It's detailed, and it gave me a new perspective on how to mix a big project. There were tons of great tips in the course, like why it can be advantageous to convert your snare track from audio to midi to get more control over it in your mix.​

Ottawa, Canada

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➤ Mix down a complex track that consists of multiple bass sounds, a wide range of drums and percussion sounds, and lots of melodic instruments

➤ Get a deep understanding of how to use EQ to shape your sounds across the frequency spectrum

➤ Learn how to control the stereo field across the frequency spectrum, using Mid-Side EQ mode.

➤ Learn how to work with a reference track to measure the quality of your mix against a fully mixed and mastered track

➤ See how you can use saturation and distortion to add extra harmonics to sounds and bring them out more clearly in your mix.

➤ Learn how to add space to various sounds so that they all sit at different position in the depth field, using reverb and delay.

➤ Learn the art of compression, multiband compression and sidechain compression to control the dynamics and punch of your track

➤ See how you can master your own music using a mastering chain of different plugins.