Mixing & Mastering In Ableton Live With Cat And Beats

Uncover the secrets to transforming any muddy, amateur mix into a heavy, hard hitting track from a world-class sound engineer

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A label rejected my EP because the mixes weren't good enough. After taking this course, I reworked both tracks, sent them back to the label manager and got a contract two days later. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. If your mixes are letting your music down, then you need this course ASAP!

Josh Bailey 
Music Producer

➤ Your tracks sound muddy, murky, and rough

➤ You can’t ever seem to make your drums fat enough or your bass heavy enough

➤ Your untrained ear struggles to pick out finer details in the mix and you don’t know how to properly listen to a track

➤ You have lots of unresolved clipping, popping, and other random noises you can’t seem to get rid of

➤ You don’t know how to manipulate things like reverb, compression, saturation, panning, volume, and EQ to maximum effect

➤ Your song just doesn’t sound very professional

If one or more of these signs describes you, don’t worry . You’re not alone. And you CAN acquire the skills you’re lacking without spending years getting a college degree in sound engineering...