How To Mix Low End With XENFLEX

Low end theory can take years to get your head around. It can take years to perfect your mixing skills to tighten up the low end of your mixes - the sub bass, the mid range basses, the kick and the snare. This course gives you a detailed look at how to gain control of your low end to ensure your mix has a rock solid foundation.

Watch the video below to find out how this course will boost your skills

I've always been so confused about how to handle the low frequencies in my mix. This course shed a lot of light on the whole topic and I can safely say that my mixes are sounding much cleaner and more powerful since going through this course.

Srikesh Agarwal 
London, UK

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➤ EQ all of the elements that sit in the low frequency range of your mix

➤ Make use of multiband compression to tighten up your basses and your sub bass

➤ Discover the newest ways to shape transients in your kicks and snares for extra punch

➤ See a variety of ways to handle ducking and sidechain compression, as well as the best settings to use depending on the style of music you produce.

➤ See not only the mixing stage, but mixing in action as we build an arrangement from the ground up.