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➡️ Struggling to complete tracks - Your excitement fades or you get stuck on every track you start

➡️ Your music has plateaued… you don't get inspired as much anymore...

➡️ Getting slowed down by 'tech overwhelm' trying to figure out every new synth and plug-in...

➡️ Every mix sounds dull muddy and lifeless no matter how hard you try to fix them...

➡️ Trouble expressing the right emotions in your tracks - music theory is just too damn confusing

Well if you are experiencing any of these, then let me say this

You're Not Alone!

For many years I tried to ‘make it’ alone,

But I couldn’t get signed by labels no matter how hard I tried...

After finally getting a pro audio engineer to mentor me, my tracks started improving fast.

That same year I got signed by a pretty big label AND my track hit #22 on the BeatPort charts! 

Our instructors have smashed the charts with releases on these prestigious record labels -

...That's why our members are getting outrageous results like these -

Dear fellow music producer,

But I only succeeded because I had a mentor

Once you have access to proven methods used by actual professionals, your skills can accelerate so fast that getting featured on BeatPort feels like child’s play...

Here’s Why Having Access To Mentors Is Your Fastest Shortcut To Huge Success In 2018

You know new styles of electronic music are evolving at breakneck speed...

You know how quickly iconic tunes start sounding old and outdated...

So you know that accessing the newest methods will keep you ahead of the curve

"Thought I’d express my gratitude to the BassGorilla family. I recently had a remix released under the TWR label, which made it to number 1 on the TrackItDown Top Drum & Bass charts! It’s been a long ride with a lot of sleepless nights and hard work, but it’s all finally paying off."

Michael Ramsey
Essex, UK

Michael Ramsey
Essex, UK

“My first proper release is happening tomorrow on Nu Venture Records!! The tracks have been premiered by DnB Dojo and InReach. A lot of that comes from the techniques I’ve learned via BassGorilla! So big up to all behind BG for the great tutorials – results are definitely possible!”

Carl Loader
Aarhus, Denmark

Carl Loader
Aarhus, Denmark

Picture where you’ll be one month, three months, or even 12 months from now when you have access to the knowledge of world class producers revealing their secrets to you step-by-step

Types of courses you'll have Unlimited Access to

Start To Finish Courses

Discover how to complete songs by accessing start-to-finish courses by industry leading producers.

Here are just a few of the start-to-finish courses available exclusively on

PLUS dozens more start-to-finish courses revealing how to create all kinds of genres and emerging styles of cutting-edge electronic music

Synthesis And Sound Design Courses

Easily create your own next level sounds once you uncover the sound design secrets of world class artists

“I have really been enjoying my membership here at, I’m also a member at another site that offers video courses and tutorials but it hasn’t taught me nearly as much as BassGorilla. I have learned more from BassGorilla in the past 2 weeks than i have in the past year and a half from the other. Thank you so much for the opportunity!"

Sam Miller
Ohio, USA

Sam Miller
Ohio, USA

Mixing And Mastering Courses

Transform your muddy mixes into crystal clear masterpieces after you watch over the shoulders of pro audio engineers mixing and mastering step-by-step. Examples are below

“I’ve been composing and writing for years, but getting crisp and punchy EDM mixes like some of my favourite artists has always been challenging. The courses were brilliant and helped shed new light onto my approach to making electronic music. I’ve been able to dramatically improve the clarity and dynamic range of my tracks in an impressively short time.”

Justin Crosby
Composer & Producer for MTV, VH1, Showtime, NBC, ABC, BBC, Konami & More

Justin Crosby
Composer & Producer for MTV, VH1, Showtime, NBC, ABC, BBC & Konami

Music Theory And Composition Courses

Unlock the hidden secrets of music theory so you never get held back from expressing the exact emotions you want to express. Here's a handful of examples - 

“Using your knowledge on composition and music theory with Haywyre has allowed me to achieve a winning accolade for a contest for a promotional video and music contest, where I composed music for a nationwide commercial video for a fortune 500 company in the US. Thank you for making me a better producer, composer, and musician.”

Tyler James Phillips
Alto, Michigan

Tyler James Phillips
Alto, Michigan

PLUS Every New Course That Comes Out In The Future (for as long as your membership is active)

Get Support And Feedback On Your Music And Make New Friends In Our Member Communities

“I’ve learned so much from this community and I’ve met some really talented people. It’s been really eye opening to connect with others and share feedback, technical tips, and suggestions about music to check out. I’ve gotten some invaluable feedback on my tracks – ways to improve them and encouragement as well. Most of the Facebook groups I’ve seen are pretty useless. This one, however, is essential. The vibe here is super positive and supportive.”


New York, United States

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BassGorilla Full Access Pass?

The BassGorilla Full Access Pass gives you unlimited 24/7 streaming access to all video courses and tutorial videos on our site from industry leading music producers.

You get automatic access to every course and tutorial that’s already on the site, and every new course and tutorial that comes out in the future - for as long as your membership is active.

You also get unlimited 24/7 access to our member community, track feedback group and our Partner Discount Directory. 

What skill level is this for?

Every skill level, from the complete beginner through to the seasoned pro who is looking for the newest approaches to modern music production.

What do I need to join and start taking courses?

All you need is a payment method and an internet connection to stream the videos. 

You can stream on desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Is there any limit to the number of videos I can watch?

No, you get unlimited access to all video courses and tutorial videos for as long as your subscription is active.

Can I download courses for offline viewing?

The Full Access Pass gives you streaming access only.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. All payments are processed in US dollars.

I’ve already paid, but I’ve changed my mind. Can I get a refund?

The Full Access Pass comes with a 14 day 100% money back guarantee.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with our platform for any reason, please contact our support team to request a refund.

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You can contact our support team at We will reply within 24 hours between Monday and Friday.

JOIN NOW - $19.99 USD / month
JOIN NOW - $19.99 USD / month

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Unlimited 24/7 access to all courses by world class producers, all future courses, Member Community, Track Feedback Group, Partner Discount Directory. Cancel anytime. No contracts.