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Interview With Slynk – Glitch Hop Tutorial

Catch this exclusive glitch hop tutorial and interview with the one and only Slynk!

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If you don’t know who he is, Slynk is one of the leading producers in the glitch hop scene.

This interview also doubles up as a glitch hop tutorial, as Slynk shows us inside Ableton Live and explains how he produced the track ‘Inside’ from his album Front Yard Futon.

‘Inside’ is a high energy, highly melodic mid tempo track with lots of swing, impeccable sound design (from the bass to the lead synth to the chords and the drums) and some seriously on-point songwriting.

If you produce electronic music and you’re looking for innovative ways to add more funk into your track, this interview will reveal a lot of gems that you can use in your own productions.

One thing I love most about the track is the way that the chord progressions change from section to section, along with the notes of the lead synth and the bassline, even though they retain the same rhythm throughout the song.

These subtle changes go unnoticed to the untrained ear but the overall vibe of the song is constantly changing and evolving, keeping the listener fully engaged while dishing out oodles of funk in the process.

You can check out the track here:

Mad props to Slynk for sharing so many production tips in this 45 minute interview!

Glitch Hop Tutorial – New Course By Slynk Out Soon!

As you may know by now if you’ve been following BassGorilla for any amount of time, we pride ourselves on providing courses by leading professional producers like Slynk.

I’m proud to announce that for the last four months Slynk has been hard at work creating a huge seven hour long course exclusively for BassGorilla!

The course will reveal step by step exactly how to create an insanely funky glitch hop track from start to finish.

You’ll discover the entire workflow – from how to design every sound, to songwriting and arrangement secrets, to the mixing and mastering process – all delivered by one of glitch hop’s most noted producers on the planet!

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Thanks and we hope you enjoy this interview with Slynk!

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