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How To Make Glitch Hop In Ableton Live (Start To Finish)

glitch hop course

Update: Click here to see the Glitch Hop course

If you love glitch hop and mid tempo bass heavy electronic music, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a new course coming out from BassGorilla.com on how to make Glitch Hop in Ableton Live.

Why am I making this course?

I’ve had quite a few successful stories in the last couple of years in the world of Glitch Hop, starting with Adapted Records, then with The Glitch Shop and EDM.com’s Glitch Hop channel featuring my track Android Love.

Recently, EDM.com featured my track ‘Future Vintage’ , which hit #2 on their glitch hop charts very recently (screenshot below).

The course will walk you through exactly how I made ‘Future Vintage’, which was featured on EDM.com‘s Glitch Hop channel on SoundCloud and website. You can check out this track below. It has had close to 10,000 plays in its first 4 days, over 500 favorites and over 160 reposts, as well as being #2 in the charts recently on GlitchHop.net.

This is my 2nd track to be published by EDM.com (The first was ‘Android Love‘, which featured on The Glitch Shop’s 1st compilation album) and I’m stoked with the response from everyone.

The concept behind the track was to convey the vibe that you may experience in a futuristic sci-fi film like Minority Report or Tron. I wanted to convey a heavy yet funky vibe that you might expect in an epic battle or action scene.

The track hit number 2 on GlitchHop.NET’s charts a couple of days ago!

xenflex - future vintage at number 2 in glitchhop.net charts


About the Glitch Hop 6 week course

(Update: the webinar course is no longer open for enrolment, but we have a 12 hour video tutorial course that explains how ‘Future Vintage’ was made from start to finish.

Click here for more info)

Here are some details about the course:

  • Six 90 minute live webinars with Xenflex – watch him make a glitch hop track from start to finish and ask him any questions you like on the techniques he teaches you
  • Over 8 hours of total video tutorials showing step-by-step how I made Future Vintage.
  • You can download the original Ableton Live 9 project file, synth presets and midi files.
  • Weekly assignments so that you complete a track of your own by the end of the course
  • Send your track to Xenflex for a personal critique of your work

Here is what will be covered in the course:

  • Drums and percussion sound design
  • beat programming the rhythm section
  • basses sound design including resampling, patch design, FX processing
  • How to compose the bassline
  • Pads sound design (NI Massive)
  • Music theory for writing the pads chords
  • Lead synths sound design
  • Music theory for writing the lead melodies
  • Vocals sampling, time stretching
  • Composing the chopped vocals melody
  • Processing the vocals
  • Song Structure – how to write different sections of the track so that they fit together and flow well
  • Fills and transitions
  • Composing the build ups
  • Composing the 2nd drop
  • mixing the track for a well polished mixdown

So as you can see, I’ll be showing you every step of the way to arrive at the finished version of the track.

See all of our courses here – there’s a good chance we have a course for you!

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  1. Jan Knöferl says:

    You wanted a thought-out comment, here is one: I love the idea of a Glitch-Hop course. Also it’s one of the most rising genres at the moment, so it’s a good decision, so new producers can join the game. In my opinion you should use Ableton’s build in synthesizers more often, because new producers, which just installed Ableton and want to join this course, are just seeing: Oh, I need Massive, but I just already spent $600 on Ableton, why ??? But I think with a lot of time investment, you can also do most of the sounds in Ableton, I think, so this won’t be a problem. But as I look through all the points covered in this course, I’m way more interested in Music Theory, because that’s something I missed in my life. I’m pretty interested in your workflow too. Also looking forward to the Neurofunk course.

    • bassgorilla says:

      Hey Jan, thanks for your input here. I can appreciate that for sure. In this course, I have used Massive because it is one of the most commonly used synths and it is essential to create some of the sounds, because Abelton doesn’t have a wavetable synth. There are some people who don’t have Massive, but there are also a lot of people who don’t have the full version of Ableton, and therefore don’t have many of the Ableton synths.

      I think the music theory part of this course will be very helpful for people too, as many electronic music producers overlook the theory or shy away from it, focusing more on sound design and mixdown.

  2. DaFunk says:

    I’ve been following and subscribed to your channel since I have started learning producing. From the moment i started watching your channel on YouTube the effectiveness of your videos was appreciable. From sound design to working with drums, they are the most helpful video’s I’ve watched and actually put to use. Your free videos are very effective, it would be unimaginable how helpful these video courses would be to help me improve and practice producing.

    • bassgorilla says:

      Thanks DaFunk! I’m glad my tutorials have helped you so much. If you become a customer, be sure to share your music with others in our community on the BassGorilla courses website. Cheers!

  3. bassgorilla says:

    Comment Contest! The person who leaves the best comment below will receive a whole month of free access to all 11 BassGorilla courses (the All Areas Backstage Pass). Leave a comment below! Contest ends on Monday May 19th 2014!

    • Wolf Untergrund says:

      I really think bassgorilla.com has the best electronic music production courses that cover everything needed to be an up and coming Artist, Musician, Sound Designer and Producer. Their courses cover everything needed, such as Music Theory, Song Structure, Build-ups, Drops, and Mixing and Mastering. Their courses also offer you the chance to join pod casts with special guests, that are currently producing some of the top tracks, which allows you the opportunity to get an insight, as to how those artists have acquired the style that they have. bassgorilla.com also has many free samples and tracks from various artists, such as Xenflex, and many more. This is your opportunity advance your musical knowledge, to produce cutting edge tracks that everyone will love to listen to.

      • bassgorilla says:

        Thanks Wolf! Hopefully this new course will help to solidify all of those different areas of music production into one cohesive program that anyone can follow along with and get ideas from.

  4. Chris says:

    Best comment huh? Well, I guess I’d say that it’s pretty sick that this is one of the only sites I know of that offers tutorials quite like yours. I’m only fifteen, but I’ve had my copy of FL for a while now. Only recently have I really tried to push myself and improve, but stuff like sound design, mixing, and songwriting can be a real pain in the ass if you don’t know what you’re doing (like me). I haven’t finished a “track” in almost two years, but what I have come up with honestly sucks. But I’m not gonna lie, these tutorials sure aren’t making it worse.

    • bassgorilla says:

      Hey Chris, thanks a lot man! Hopefully this new course on making a track from start to finish will be useful to you and others who have found it hard to complete a track from start to finish.

  5. Josh Langfield says:

    I’ve been hoping for you to do a really in-depth track walk-through course like this! Combining all the aspects of production that you teach in your other courses. I bought all of them and then I joined your backstage pass because I know, from years of extensive research, that Bassgorilla seems to be the one stop shop for learning the kind of Neuro Bass music that pulled me back into wanting to make music more seriously than I’ve ever been before. This isn’t just dance music production. This IS rocket science! There is so much involved in learning this style of music production and Bassgorilla seems to be the only place for us to learn it all. And these types of track walk-through courses coming out will really glue it all together for us and get us making and finishing tracks like the ones that pulled us into this epic journey!

    • bassgorilla says:

      Thanks Josh! I agree that being able to see a track made from start to finish will help people in a different way than videos purely on sound design. I think a lot of people will enjoy this new course.

  6. Sebastian Kaltenböck says:

    Hi Luke!
    I don’t write a comment to win that contest, your prices are pretty low and i am going to get that pass anyway, but hey, it would be nice!
    I was thinking: okay i write someting constructive like maybe you make a nice forum on bassgorilla.com for all the bassheads here and the next day you write exactly that thing on facebook. Okay, i don’t need to be constructive… I really look forward to my backstage Pass, i want to share tracks in that forum and get some feedback.
    Anyway, i am more interested in your courses. You are saying that they are in a pretty professional level (just like your own productions) and i hope that i can learn something new. It’s pretty hard to get some good tutorials….. As we all know probably…
    IGreetz Sebastian

      • Don Jon Fastax says:

        I’m kinda evolving into neuro glitch hop step tro stuff
        And the more i’m working and studying how to reach my goal, the more they hate me 🙂

  7. FΛWKZ says:

    I just wanted to formally thank you guys for providing the EDM Production community with absolutely invaluable information, and practical demonstrations. I’ve learned an immense amount from your various tutorials, and thoroughly enjoy following along with your concise & informative tutorials.

    Not only do you dudes offer an amazing selection of hands-on lessons, you are a constant source of inspiration for my own tracks & ideas. You’re truly doing the bass-gods work. Thanks for everything thus far, and I look forward to any forthcoming stuff 🙂

  8. Spencer Fairchild says:

    Hi BassGorilla, I would really just like to say how much you actually help me as a producer. I’m only 15 years old, and my friend and I produce together, because we are so young it is hard for us to do a lot of the things you could do with experience, and you are literally giving us experience to be able to do the things that we want to do with out music, thank you so much for all that you do, and I would be honored if you chose me as the winner of this competition

  9. trevor says:

    id agree with the majority of the discussion one thing that could be improved though that seems to be missing is more unique and even generic middle and high frequency sounds.. everyone is doing bass tutorials these days I feel that if you were to cover more of that you’d be rock solid! otherwise love the tutorials love the interviews keep em coming!

  10. bassgorilla says:

    Contest is now closed – thanks to all of you for leaving your comments! The winner is Mr. FAWKZ – showing a lot of support for the BassGorilla fam time and time again! One month’s Backstage Pass access is on its way to you soon my good man!

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